10 Temmuz 2011 Pazar

11-7-11 new pathways are opening into a new conscious experience of earth and the new realities

Dear Sevgi,

Welcome to another newsletter from the Ascended Masters.


These are amazing calls as we have gone through some of them, they open up new parts within you as we explore the new earth realities that are becoming available at this time.

Activations of light bodies, new knowledge, higher frequencies, clearing and more are available during this time and we have one of these calls every month.

For those who have been on the path for some time, we will bring in the information and activations that are specific for each person as we work together on this process of cosmic ascension.

For those that are here to work with mother earth, there will be a special activation during this new opening that will bring in a connection to mother earth and assistance in how to work with what is happening to mother earth and our universe.

This is a multi-dimensional activation for all of us and we would love to have as many as possible this is why we have the opportunity for all to come on the call with or without payment.

For those that would like to share within the new earth abundance there is the opportunity to sponsor the ones that cannot afford the cost at this time, but this way they become part of the flow of sharing as we like to bring this in for the new earth reality.

This call will be held on Monday July 11, at 10:30PM EST

cost is $ 11.11

you can join us here

There are other options for those that would like to gift this activation, and for those that cannot afford this, email me at petra@bluelightstar.com

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