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NEW!!! Weekly message from the Masters July 16

Welcome to our weekly message where we would like to share with you this time some of the feelings we have about the information being released at this time.

It saddens us to see that many seem to take a conglomerate of information out there to misinform many of you.

So let us start with what we know at this time.

The earth is ascending and is raising her frequencies into a crystalline form, this is not the end of it as from there the frequencies are going to be raised even higher.

You as humans are taking a free ride up to a certain point as your physical body changes in frequency because of the changing frequencies within the earth.

There are many beings assisting the earth including you as humans.
The humans assisting the earth at this time on a conscious level are raising their frequencies even higher than the ones that do not know about the ascension of the earth.

As to how far the humans will be able to raise their frequencies depends upon the inner work they are doing separate from their work assisting the earth.

There is again a lot of talk about the crystal skulls and how they fit into the ascension of you as humans.

First and foremost the crystal skulls are there to assist the earth in returning to her original non-physical frequency. They are the ones that contain part of the process to open the portal for your earth to ascend.
They do not contain everything as this would be stupid to use a very earthly word.

The 13th skull is an etheric skull and this skull will be reuniting the 12 earthly skulls at the moment of ascension of the earth. All other skulls contain pieces of your earth's history and plans for the ascension that have been made in history.

They also contain of course information about you as humans as this is included within the history of your earth.

The crystalline grids within your earth are still a part of this process as well, some of them are still not cleared and will have to be cleared and repaired as many parts were disconnected throughout history. Either because of misuse or by the other side who did not want any of these grids used for the ascension.

This is also true for many sacred places upon your earth that are connected to many of the ley lines that are running through the earth, this is the original grid and has to be restored.

This grid of ley lines is of great importance and will need to be restored to bring the original frequencies back to earth as she needs them for her ascension.

Many have worked on these lines as they have been moved, disconnected and sometimes completely destroyed.

Many of the crystal reservoirs have been used in previous times for the good and bad and they need clearance as they are part of the earth and their frequencies are of great importance as the earth is working on her ascension.

Believe me if I tell you that the energies you can experience at this moment are nothing compared to their original frequencies when they were activated within the earth.

Many are experiencing tiredness and clearings at this time; this is part of your work assisting the earth, but also part of your inner process as the frequencies of your physical body are changing.

Part of it might also come from the clearings that are happening within these crystal reservoirs, the crystalline grids and the ley lines that have had some very negative energies run through them for a very long time.

Even at this time these negative energies are very prominent as there are still beings upon earth that do not agree with the process of ascension for the earth and mankind. They are still using parts of these grids and lines to send through the energy of amnesia to many of you.
The one thing for you as humans that can be done to prevent this is to disconnect from all these grids and lines and crystal reservoirs. This will prevent a lot of the interference that can come from this.

This will have to be done at one point in time anyway as the earth will have to get to a point where only her own energy is running through her.

Think of it this way, you don't like it if others run their energy through you, you would see this as a breach of privacy and attack at times.
The earth has the energy of humankind that is connected to her and through her.

You are and have been always supported in your process by the earth as this was her choice and free will to do this. At this time where you can make progress all on your own, it is time to do it on your own.
Be within your own energies and only connect with the earth as you are assisting her and then disconnect again.

You are all great beings within spirit and within spirit there is no need for the support as you are all connected through your own being to source.

Only as humans you needed the support and at this time many of you have reached a point where as a human you don't need this support anymore.

We understand that many of you are looking for support as you are not clear of the path you are taking at this time. The support you need can be found within your own being.

Becoming connected within your own being is the way to find a more clear understanding of your path, your future and definitely the support you need to follow the path that you have chosen at this time.

You can use outside sources but at one point you will have to rely upon yourself and find a way to rely upon yourself.

All the information out there is minimal and sometimes not even the truth as is has been transmitted through humans that even after a long time search for their answers outside of themselves.

They look to us, the Ascended Masters, the Angels, Archangels and many other beings of light for their answers and guidance as opposed to finding it within.

Yes our channel is giving you our message, but she is not the one asking for it. She has found the inner knowing in many ways and might ask for our opinion at times but she will make her own decisions as to what and why she needs to do something, what she needs to do and how she needs to do it.

Every channel that becomes reliant upon us or any other being needs to ask their guidance to teach them to become reliant upon themselves.
In fact that is what we teach when we channel this information to you.
Our main goal is for you to become reliant upon yourself, to find that knowledge within yourself.

You are the ones that need to do the work, so you are the ones that need the information and knowledge needed for ascension of the earth and your own human being.

All that is being channeled is through a human being and the information is never the complete information as this only can be received within your own source being.

Yes it is nice to know sometimes the energies are changing, new energies are coming in and what can you do with them. But these new energies are support systems for you to reach that information all within you.

They can be used as a support system to reach those parts within you that can give you the information, without even waiting for someone else to channel it for you.

You all know you are great beings in spirit, so you can all reach this in your own way.

We are all here to support you in reaching those parts of your being that has the information you need.

Yes for the moment you can read those messages but do not fully base your opinions on all those messages as you are still working on reaching those parts of you that contain all the knowledge you need.

So keep an open mind as to what is happening and what others tell you is happening.

We would love to tell you exactly what is happening but it would defeat our purpose and to be honest we do not know exactly what is happening or what is going to happen as the future is not set in stone and is changing in every moment.

All we can do is to point out to you some of the effects and changes that are happening and some of what is happening that is interfering with the awakening at this time for many of you.

Take everything you read with a grain of salt and when you want to know more start looking at other messages and even the ones you don't like as this is what brings in the questioning that will take you closer to finding what is available within you.

Yes we know many like to read the messages about you as great beings, the loving and kind ways that are being used to tell you everything is in process, look at this and be aware, take a moment to balance yourself and know that you are a great being within spirit and do not worry as we are here to support you.

The messages that give you a lot of information about the dark cabal and talks between light beings and your government and other world leaders. As we have said before, many of these people are not even at the level of receiving our information. And even if they are at this level, do you think they really want to talk to us.

We are not to interfere with any situation upon the earth, we are not to interfere with anything that you choose as humans either collectively or personally.

This is what free will is all about.

Free will means that you make the decisions.

You are the ones on earth at this time.

We are the ones that are here to guide and support, but we are not going to make any decisions for you as we cannot interfere with free will under the law of one.

This means anyone who would like our support and guidance will have to ask us personally.

Then we can support and guide, but our main goal will be for you to find the guidance within so be prepared for this.

This is especially for those who want and are at this moment already channeling our messages.

Be aware as a channel and know that every being that you channel should be there to guide you toward inner awareness, expansion of consciousness and finding the truth within yourself, connecting within yourself and becoming fully connected to your own source being and bring this to the earth within your human expression.

Each and every source you use outside of yourself should be used to find the answers within yourself.

They are only their as guidance, never rely upon it as to what your own truth is, and be open minded to find your own truth at all times as you use the guidance and support outside of you as your truth will change many times as you find a deeper and more expanded conscious awareness within your own being.

And remember, you are here by your own free will.

The choices you make are your own.

I am Kuthumi

Through Petra Margolis
July 16, 2011


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