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I am Isis, and I would like to explain what this really means as it seems some have some confusion about this.

Yes we are all made of energy, source energy, so in this way we are all one. As everything is made up of this energy. This includes the earth, your universe and many other universes and beings within those universes.

Now the difference comes when we also talk about the gift of free will.
Each and every being has free will.

What does this mean as the earth is ascending and the frequencies are affecting each and every being upon earth?

You all have a free choice as to where you incarnate, so all beings upon earth have chosen to be here at this time. Either to ride the wave into the new earth 5th dimensional reality or to take it even further and work on cosmic ascension.

As each being has free will, each being has the choice at this time, but they have to make this choice themselves.

We cannot choose for them and we cannot intervene with them as they all have free will.

There are some people out there who think that being all one means that we can ask for the higher parts of other people to intervene in the process of these people.

This is not what free will and the Law of One means.
You cannot ask, as only the human itself can ask their higher being for the process of cosmic ascension to start.

Everything else that is happening is already happening; there is no need to intervene with the process of others who have chosen to move into the 5th dimensional reality.

The earth will ascend and a 5th dimensional new earth reality is being created as we speak.

This is where your help is needed as we need many more to gain a higher consciousness, gain a higher frequency within the physical body and to start completing the cosmic ascension process.

This is what is needed to move the earth through the ascension portal and there will be many needed to create the space for all of those that have chosen to move into the new 5th dimensional earth reality.

This because the earth herself is ascending beyond physicality and the 5th dimensional reality is still physical. So a safe space is needed to hold the ones that cannot move with the earth into a non-physical light body.

There are many fluxes of energy at this time, higher frequencies being integrated within the earth to support her ascension process. This is not about you as humans. It is time for the earth to complete her cycle of physicality and move into the non-physical being that she was before she became physical.

That is something you have to remind yourself of as you as humans have lived upon the earth, have used the earth and now think that the most important thing is for you as humans to move into the higher dimensions.

This is not about you.

This is about Mother Earth.

Yes you have the opportunity to ascend with Mother Earth, but it is not something that will be given to you.

Even the ones that will move into the 5th dimensional new earth reality will have worked for it and they are working on it right now as we can see in all the uprising of humanity all around. People are standing up for themselves, they are standing up for a new way of living and it is this way of living that will be the new 5th dimensional earth reality.

So yes we are all one.

No we cannot interfere with others unless they ask for it themselves and they will have to ask their own being, this cannot be done for them.

I am Isis

Through Petra Margolis
July 12, 2011

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