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The Energies of July Jennifer Hoffman

The Energies of July

June certainly turned out to be an action packed month. With two eclipses and the Solstice, everyone was affected by some aspect of June's energies. Whether it was a necessary ending, a forced realization or a life change whose time had come, there was a finality to the shifts that occurred which did not leave any question as to the need to take a different path, to change a belief or to consider other options. We all learned lessons about expectations, release and closure that came in many forms, often from those we least expected. And to have closure and start on a new path we learned that we should release the teacher so we could embrace the lesson.

July opens with another eclipse, this one creating a powerful opening for new beginnings that are possible when we have released the past. Some of what occurred in June may feel like unfinished business because we don't have closure. But part of June's lessons were to give ourselves the closure we want from someone. Are they sorry, did they mean it, do they care, could things have been different? None of those questions matter because this was our lesson in releasing those things, including people, which limit our joy. And that release may have come in an abrupt way that we weren't ready for.

If we focus too much on closure and the ending, we do not allow the next door to open. No matter how difficult the lesson, closure is something we often have to give ourselves and hoping that someone will give it to us only delays the inevitable realization that the new beginning we ask for also requires an ending in some aspect of our life. This month will, in some ways, be a welcome relief from the last six months of activity, partly because we can start expanding our lives based on the lessons that we have learned.

But this is not a process of re-building because everything has changed. This is a fresh start, a new beginning that requires new thinking, different energies and a total break from the past. July's potential may be delayed if we approach it from a focus on the past and try to rebuild from its ashes. To fully utilize these energies we have to use what we learned from January through June to re-invent ourselves. What do we want, what makes us happy, how much are we willing to expand our vision of our life and its potential? And, most importantly, how much are we willing to set our intention and trust that it will unfold in the most perfect way? We have powerful support for re-invention this month, as we step into the second half of 2011. Whatever it takes to give you closure, do it now so you can release the past and step forward into a confident, bright and powerful new beginning. Have a great month.

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