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Uriel's Message -- The Many Paths of Enlightenment

Uriel's Message -- The Many Paths of Enlightenment

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You can learn about enlightenment from many teachers, each of whom may have experienced some form of enlightenment and want to share it with others. Their motives are good and there are people that they will help along this path. But others will not see the results that they expect and will feel that they have missed something or worse, are not capable of enlightenment. There are many paths of enlightenment, many levels and each of you is on a different course. There is no single definition of enlightenment and no single experience of it. And you can have many experiences of enlightenment every day.

Enlightenment is not always a single moment of connection, where the answers to all of your questions become known in an instant. While this can happen it is often a more gradual process that occurs over different experiences. If you are looking for this single instance of awakening, of knowing the light, you may miss the many opportunities that you have to confirm your progress because they come in the form of smaller and less obvious blessings, although each one is a powerful confirmation of your enlightenment. And if you look for the single source of enlightenment, you may spend a lifetime believing that you have not achieved your goal.

Each time you acknowledge your power, learn a lesson, practice compassion and kindness with others, you have achieved enlightenment. Each time you are able to unconditionally forgive yourself and others you have achieved enlightenment. These are soul level victories over lessons that you may not have been able to accomplish in prior lifetimes and each one is important, none are insignificant. To be enlightened is to move closer to the light, to raise your vibration, to strengthen your Source connection and to remove the layers of karma that have been burdens for many lifetimes.

Others' experience of enlightenment may help you but their experience cannot be yours. You will arrive at each stage of enlightenment in your own way. When you do, you will have another opportunity to move forward to yet another level. Each enlightenment experience will give you greater understanding and peace. You will know that the key to enlightenment is acknowledging that you are a divine being whose human journey is a divine purpose of healing, learning, transformation and ascension. Each enlightened step you take brings greater waves of light to humanity and through that you also heal the world and enable the ascension of everyone.

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