30 Temmuz 2011 Cumartesi

Crystalsinger.com Ascension & Activation & Frequency Raising & Aligning With 144 Crystal Planetary Grid


Much has been spoken about how the time of 2012 is a marker for transformation on earth, a rare window of opportunity when, with willingness and grace, one may make a great consciousness expanding leap. It is said that this time is one of concentrated creation. Just as beliefs form reality, the same applies during this time with added strength. It is foretold that what and wherever one's beliefs and intentions are, they will be amplified exponentially on Winter Solstice of 2012, with potential for dramatic reality shifts. Some will have the capacity to expand their experience of reality beyond 3 dimensional awareness, and will choose to do so. The work here is intended to prepare and assist those taking advantage of this time to make such an evolutionary choice.

As we as Creator/Manifestors raise our frequency, we also raise the frequency of our intentions and creations, thus raising the frequency of planet Earth in preparation for a shift in dimensions, the Ascension.

The work includes an activation of dormant DNA by means of raising one's frequency and changing our geometric structure to resonate and align with the 144 Crystal Planetary Grid, which has been described as Gaia's Aura.

Through the channel, James Tyberonn, Archangel Metatron has directed Anaya-Ra (Nina Brown) to do this work with specific instructions on how she is to perform sessions to facilitate the recoding of DNA to the crystalline format.

Anaya-Ra upshifts the vibratory note of individuals and planetary nodes to resonate with the Pure Love and Light of the Christ Consciousness frequency, so that humanity will manifest more responsibly.

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