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Earth-Keeper newsletter - Powerful Mercury Retrograde Coming Aug 2nd!

Get Ready for an extraordinarily powerful Mercury Retrograde...

Master Astrologist - Elizabeth Jones
Powerful Mercury Retrograde Coming Aug 2nd!

Mercury goes retrograde 3 times each year for 21 days. And when it does, many have come to recognize its signature effects.

Communications go awry, misunderstandings are more frequent, making decisions is tricky at best and electronic devices seem to go haywire,travel is impacted, delays etc... to name a few.

Mercury is the planet that has rulership over all forms of communication-verbal and written, personal and professional, even agreements and contracts. And so yes, when it goes retrograde these areas of our life can get disrupted and go tilt.
The reason I am writing about this now, a week prior to the event, is because this is a very potent Mercury Retrograde, perhaps the most powerful I have ever seen, and I've seen many.

The reason is because Mercury is stationing at o degrees of Virgo while opposing Neptune at 0 degrees of Pisces. How interesting that the planet the rules logic will be so strongly impacted by the planet (Neptune) that rules all things vague and difficult to pin down.

This will create even more chaos and confusion than usual. (I discuss this in greater detail on my talk: Mercury Retrograde in 2011 ~ What To Expect and How To Make The Most Out Of It). This added dynamic will be an interesting one, no doubt about it. Yet while it will very likely wreck havoc with things requiring logic and reason, it may well be a boon to those things of a more spiritual nature. It's all in how we approach it.

Having an understanding of what to expect when Mercury goes retrograde helps enormously in preparing for it. There are certainly things you can do beforehand, and during, a retrograde period that help you in dealing with it. Here are some things to keep in mind:** Make important arrangements, meetings, travel plans, etc. at least 1 week prior to 8/2.

** If possible, try not to make major purchases during a Mercury retrograde period (there are exceptions to this...more on that in a minute).

** Back up computers, check and re-check meetings and plans, especially those that will fall in the retrograde period (Aug 2-Aug 26 - This Mercury Retro Period End August 26, 2011)

** And because of the added Neptunian influence, be sure to take some time out for retreat and to nurture the spiritual side of your life.There are certain things that each Mercury retrograde period are good for, depending upon what sign it is taking place in, what aspects are occurring and more. On my Mercury Retrograde in 2011 talk, I discuss each of the three periods, giving insights to help you understand and work with the energies at play.

You can learn more here: Mercury Retrograde in 2011 ~ What To Expect and How To Make The Most Out Of It

Each time Mercury stations retrograde is an opportunity to work with the mental in new ways, to gain new perception by looking at issues differently and to slow things down and reflect rather than jump. Understanding these dynamics is your best bet in making the most of these most interesting astrological influences.
May you know the light of clarity and the sweetness of inspiration during this time.Blessings, ~ Elizabeth
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