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Sekhmet & Sananda - Empowering Solstice Exercise**

Sekhmet & Sananda - Empowering Solstice Exercise**

"Well, Good Evening, Afternoon, depending upon where in the World you are - or Morning! Wow! Early Birds, Night Owls, we are here! This is so joyful! We are absolutely ecstatic on this day of days. We've already told you this is the biggest Solstice yet, and that's because you're here! You're here on Planet Earth. You're all in Ascension preparation, and you Ashtar Family Members are here with these missions. So you all have special missions, and they are missions of leadership, they are missions of teaching, they are missions of sharing, of telling what you know.

"Now we're going to be covering a variety of topics, and we may be repeating something you've heard before, but it will be very brief, and we will be perhaps quoting Ashtar, and some of the others that you've heard from, and that's perfectly all right. You know we understand all about 3D, and the conventions, and the customs - and some of them are good.

"It's not like you've only invented everything that could possibly go wrong, or be b-a-d. Some of them are quite good, quite creative, and inventive, and ingenious. But in the higher dimensions we don't have any such thing as copyrights, so we just go ahead, and we all have the same messages. We just maybe say them a little differently, so if I repeat something, it's just because we're in this flow, and we need to have it continue to flow.

"So this is the biggest Solstice yet, because you're here, because you've come with open hearts, open minds, curiosity, yes, and creativity. You are wondrous beings of Light in the human bodies, which are for a great number of you they've been, shall we say, aging a bit, because that's what you've invented for the human body to do.

"And of course if you decide you'd rather, shall we say, exit out of this body, that's your free will to do so, as it is with anyone, rather than go through the process of Ascension Preparation. It's your choice, but right now we see everybody on the Ascension Path, and so your commitment is to be where you are.

"And what we are wanting to do is utilize these wondrous energies that are coming in, and have everybody just take a deep breath. Breathe it in, and say, 'Thank you,' because it's time. Now, you've heard it say there isn't any such thing as time in the higher dimensions, and this is true. You're going to learn to do without time very nicely, and very soon! But for now it is time on the Earth's calendar for everybody to amp it up, and we're talking about leadership in this group, in this Family - we call it the Ashtar Family. It is full absolutely of committed Light Workers. And you shine, and you beam, and that's what you're here to do. So of course, if you get a little sidetracked by an ache, or a pain, this can be somewhat of a, humm, it can seem rather as somewhat of a backward motion, but it's really not. It's an opportunity for you to get in touch!

"You know I have this series going called, 'Yes I Can! 101.' And the first thing about 'Yes I Can! 101' is that you need to believe in yourselves, and you need to know that you can, whatever it is that you came here to do - Yes, You Can!!!. And how about this one, let's add on in honor of the Solstice today, Yes I AM! I'm doing it! So what are you doing? All of the different things that are in front of you to do in the moment, and you're also understanding, and starting to get the feel for the next step, and the next, and the next, of your mission.

"Ashtar talks with people about their mission all the time, and it is delightful, and we are in the cheering section when people commit, when their hearts open up, and they say, 'Oh yes, that's what I'm here to do! Yes I Can and I AM!' And so it is to prepare for your own Ascension, Beloved Ones, that we bring you these energy tools. And we give you all kinds of information about the various energies, the uses for the tools, and the uses for the goodies and gifts that you have in your own bag that you brought with you.

"We're not talking about baggage here. Nobody's really got much of that anymore. We're talking about your bag of goodies. And if you want to think of that Joy person, that being, that persona, that personality called Santa Claus, yes, each and every one of you, your bag is as light as air. It really doesn't even weigh a feather. But, it's all of the energy tools that you've brought with you that are built in. It's the getting from here to there that takes some doing - yes, and it calls for you to have trust and belief.

"So we have all of your teams, all of your higher dimensional beings. Who's in charge of your team? You are! Who sets the pace for your team? You do! Who tells your team what the mission of the day, or the moment is? You! Who is your number one team member to consult with the totality of you? Your Divine self - that's who!!!

"But then you've got a whole team for support. We are saying that if you have not called upon us yet, if you have not met us yet, we're going to do that real soon today. Because we want to come into your energy fields on the wings of this fabulous Solstice energy. It's so easy you know. It's getting so much easier to make these contacts and these connections!

"Now Ashtar has been teaching - well I've been right there backing him up, so to speak, not that he ever forgets, but he's been teaching people in his calls to access their own goodie bags. But what we're going to tell you is that you have a shortcut available with the wand, or actually any of the tools, but you have a shortcut available with the wand, but what he tells to people is that the Masters, who are recognized, and perhaps the Master you call Jesus - well Sananda is his more universal identity - and you've all heard stories of how he would go out among the crowds and just simply extend his hand and he would heal.

"Well he spent some time before he started upon the public stage, so to speak. He spent some time learning to utilize this natural gift, and yes, he may have started out being a little more in knowing, or in acquaintanceship with it than perhaps you feel that you are, but he practiced. You have tools available to you that you can utilize with your goodie gift bag energies to make a bridge, and that's why we are endorsing these energy tools, it is to be a bridge.

"You too have the ability to heal as quickly, and as easily, because it's as quick, as Jesus and the other Masters did it, but it's a step-by-step process of reacquainting yourselves with how to do it. Now you're all going to do it, or have the ability to just tune into yourselves, and take care of whatever it is you need. But there are interim tools.

"We have the Arcturians - you can just take yourselves to the ships. You can call upon your MAP team. You can do your meditations with your Guides and Angels. Use these CD's, yes! And you can use the little wand as an extension of you, your hand, and you can power up with it, and then it becomes a bridge, a tool, an extension, a part of you.

"And there will come the day when you can give your wand to someone else, because you're going to be doing it with your hand. This may come before Ascension, it may not. It's all right. Use whatever you have and access your goodie bag. And if you're not sure what's in it, you can ask. You can ask your Guidance Team to telepathically communicate with you. They've got X-ray vision even if you don't. And you can ask them to communicate with you, and tell you what's in that bag, or you can say, 'Do I have this in the bag, do I have that in the bag? Do I have, let's say a healing remedy for my arthritis?' And you know what they're going to tell you, 'The answer is Yes!' So maybe if you hear that a few times, you're going to get on with it!

"Now we want to mention bones. The Voice told you her story about bones.* We're real happy that she got it out there. You know there are no accidents, and the timing for her discovery was just perfect for this call, and for Solstice. Bones are not just the framework holding you together, or providing support for your other parts of you. Bones have a certain messaging capability - we're not talking about nerves - we're talking about bones. They have a certain capability, and they can communicate and receive energies quite easily.

"And everybody needs to have their framework in tip top condition, healthy, strong, and in balance. Do not forget your teeth. 'Okeydokey,' now you've heard that you can regenerate teeth. And you've heard there are programs and frequencies, and so on. Scientists are working on regeneration. We're here to tell you that you can put that into your own personal program if you desire to do so. And there are people even now who are regenerating healthy teeth and bones.

"Nothing is impossible! It only is impossible if you say it is, or think it is. So, Beloved Ones, we thought it would be really fun for our get together tonight, in celebration of Solstice, to do a special exercise. This is for you. It is an experience that you can share with others telepathically, verbally, in writing, however you choose to do it, whenever you're ready.

"It doesn't mean that you all need to hang up your telephones, or sit at your computers and start doing some emails on this immediately. In fact we would suggest that you work further in this area, and carry on with what it is that we're going to do. And if anything come back to this next call -when?"
Elise: "In two weeks..."
Mother Sekhmet: "...in two weeks, y-e-s, and report in, because we'd love to hear from you!

"So here's what we're going to do. Some of you have already done this. This was suggested the other night by our Mentor group, and you may have read this. You may have already done this. But we would like you to take your writing materials, and apply yourselves for a very brief moment in your time, and write down a list. And it can be one thing, the most important priority you have for yourself for coming into balance, or healing in any of your bodies - something specific, though, that you would like to accomplish by putting forth the intent, and energizing it with these fabulous energies today.

"This is 'Yes I Can! 101' in a culminating mode. This is taking that which you know to a new level, this is taking your experiences, your trust, your beliefs, even higher. This is accessing these energies that are coming in, which are after all the energies of change - and what do you want to change, what's been going on within you, any part of your being that you want to change, you want to transmute, you want to take to a higher level.

"And so we're just asking you to give some thought to it. Nobody has to share. This is for each and every one of you, Beloved Family Members, individually. But I'm going to tell you what is already happening. The energies that we are utilizing are coalescing, and going out to the entire Planet! There is not a time when we get together - whether it is on these calls, or the Ashtar calls - when we focus together there is not a time, or an event, which does not benefit the entire Planet. So if you want to put something on your list for the Planet, perhaps healing radioactivity, and sharing truths about it. Now that's a very worthy concept is it not? Because this is coming up big time, big time. It is time for the Planet to commit to shutting down all the nukes! You can put anything you want to on your papers. That's just a possibility.

"Now if you have a wand or an energy tool, if you have a pendant, a wand, a roller, whatever, you can use it. Roll it, spin it, spiral it, whatever, over your page as we do the Exercise. If not, bring that energy into your hands, or into your mind's eye, and use that on your papers.

"Oh, you're already starting, and we haven't even started the Exercise yet! This is 'FABULOUS - you've got it! You are lighting up. You know when a city has a community Christmas tree, and all of a sudden they turn the lights on - each and every one of you is lighting up those big gigantic Christmas trees! FABULOUS! All right, so now we're ready to begin, and we're going to have a lot of Love and Compassion, and yes some Forgiveness and Gratitude here. So get ready, this is big time, because you're here.

"Alrighty, breathe, and if you sense the combined energies here,** please open to the energies that are here. It is not just I, Sekhmet, it is all this glorious company coming together. It is all of the Guides, and the Angels, and the Masters, and the Mentors here, and your Mentors Worldwide, and beyond, and so let us move up, let us just lift up on this Light to the very tippy-top of 3D, and then we'll go further, because we want to lift up...." Click to continue

* Susan told everyone on the call that her spine had straightened as part of her Ascension preparation, after having scoliosis all her life. She had called for this straightening to happen, but only became aware that it had when her ribs began to be moved - that part of the process was somewhat painful.

** Refers specifically to the fact that Sananda was coming in to lead the Exercise. You can hear this transition as you listen to the call:

Transcription by: Arnold Neal Troeh

Given through Susan Leland, June 21, 2011 www.AshtarontheRoad.com
© Ashtar On The Road Publications 2011. All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered or deleted.

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