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(Note from Susan: As I received this message, I realized that it was being given by Sananda and Ashtar as One.)

"Greetings, Beloved Family! When next we gather, it will be for the Announcement of new and greater beginnings of resolutions of age-old conflicts which have litereally torn apart the bonds of connected Oneness on this Planet earth. Indeed, we shall co-create the Announcement with you as we continue in our series of Exercises for Peace.

"How is it that there has been such divisiveness in this 3D world? It is because it has been the mission of all of humanity to engage in every kind of activity it could possibly create from the ego-based illusions of fear. Why is it that humanity has had this mission? It is so that humanity could experience the absolute Joy of its return to the real Truth of Love. Where do we go from here? We go into the Bliss of Oneness, Beloved Family!

"You all know moments (and indeed longer times) of this Bliss. It is to literally infuse your atmosphere with this energy. The means, of course is through a high vibe expression of Love, pure and powerful. This will enable all who receive it to live in the most precious state of Oneness, even if only for a brief time before their false and fear-based reality of separation sets in. However, with this Exercise, we shall be giving them a taste, if you will, and this will indeed facilitate their recall and return to the Bliss, whenever they are inspired so to do.

"This is the time, as you know it, on the great Ascension timeline, for all of Planet Earth to give up its duality-based lifestyle, and to embrace, indeed to LIVE the Truth of Oneness. We shall be re-committing and strengthening even more this joyful communion within all of us, then sending it out to the entire World! And, we shall most particularly be addressing those among the dark hats who remain recalcitrant, clinging to their old, divisive programs. And we shall be infusing our Announcement of Oneness Exercise with Compassionate Forgiveness, so that they, too, will receive the means to en-Joy the loving Oneness we co-create. Then it shall be up to them to choose the Bliss of Love or the darkness of fear.

"We must continue to recognize the sovereign right of every individual to choose the Light or the dark. However, we are announcing in this message to you that the Light is stronger than it has ever been since what you call the lowering of the veil on Planet Earth!!! And, you, Beloved Family, joining with the Lightworkers of the World, have been the catalysts for this evolvement. It is because you have called us forth and joined with us, that we are here with you now to continue in this great awakening to Ascension! So let us celebrate all that we have co-created thus far, even as we continue on this mission path together in the loving Oneness We Are! Namaste and Salut!"

Given through Susan Leland, July 9, 2011. www.AshtarontheRoad.com
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