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The Forest & The Trees - When Mercury Meets Neptune...NEW DETAILS - This is NOT a Normal Mercury Retrograde... (and New Moon of July 30th)

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The Forest & The Trees - When Mercury Meets Neptune

NEW DETAILS - This is NOT a Normal Mercury Retrograde...
From Elizabeth Jones Astrology

This Weekend's New Moon - Allison Rae Astrology

MERCURY IS ABOUT TO TURN RETROGRADE which always seems to strike a cord of "OMG-here we go" from many people. The actual retrograde period will begin August 2 and go until the 26th. But we are already feeling the effects...and this retrograde is super charged, quite extraordinary. Scroll down for new details from a Master Astrologist on what to expect and tips on how to effectively manage and utilize these exceptional energies. Solar Winds are activating and will further amplify the energy.
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This Is Not A "Normal" Mercury Retrograde

While every Mercury retrograde has some similarities, each one has it's own flavor, as well. And this one has some very interesting flavors going on.

Let's recap what we can expect from Mercury Retrograde
We have come to know that when Mercury is retrograde it is likely we will experience issues and challenges with communications (verbal, written, electronic, etc.), misunderstandings seem to occur more often, mix-ups happen with arrangements and plans, computers and related devices act up, etc. (You can learn more about what to expect during Mercury retrograde on my talk, available here.)

But this one has an added element that makes it the most unusual Mercury retrograde I can remember.

From July 28th to August 7th, Mercury will be in Virgo opposing Neptune in Pisces.
To understand this unusual aspect, let's look at what each of them are separately.
Mercury in Virgo loves order, is efficient, thinks in a linear fashion, works off a list and pays great attention to detail. We could say it counts the trees while not even noticing it is in a beautiful forest.

Neptune reveals to us the vision for our life. It rules our dreams, imagination, what inspires us and what we hope for. It opens us to the inner and higher realms, showing us that there is more, far more, to life that what we generally perceive with our lower, rational minds.

Neptune in Pisces sees things holistically and does not see boundaries around anything. (The song Imagine has a most Neptunean message and in fact, imagination is ruled by Neptune.) Neptune doesn't count the trees, it only relishes in them and loves every one. It looks out and not at. It knows that each and every tree is an essential part to the making up of the forest.

Mercury in Virgo speaks to the individual components of things. The details. While Neptune in Pisces sees everything as a whole. The two do have a relationship and that is a key to understanding this influence.

An ideal relationship between these two influences is for Neptune to open our minds and hearts to what we can become and shows us what is possible for our life and for humanity at this time. Mercury then sets out to lay down the plan to make that happen. It is the Creator's Mind in this realm or field of expression. When Mercury meets Neptune within our being and we see that our life is made up of both views, the micro and macro, then we can stay on an inspired course that seems viable and magic happens.

Mercury without Neptune's visionary influence, while efficient and methodical, can be plodding and barren. It can feel lost and without hope. Moving through piles of things that must get done, but not really seeing where things are going.

It is when these two don't recognize each other that we get into troubled waters and the lower expressions of this pairing play out. We get discouraged as our lives have likely become busy yet barren and perhaps even meaningless. We are mentally brittle, frayed and exhausted. Hope and purpose seem elusive at best.

These two dynamics are intrinsically connected whether we recognize it or not. Meaning, truth is that there are trees and there is a forest. The individual elements make up the whole. The whole includes all it's individual elements.

It is true that in each of us we have a conscious mind that deals with details and the aspects of life that require reasoning and logic (the trees) and we also have within us dreams and a vision for a life that reflects the spiritual being that we are.

The hope and the objective is for these two to not only see each other within ourselves but to also know that their bond is integral to the higher expressions of each of them. This is where the dynamic alchemical relationship happens. This is why we were called into being.

.And this is the gift of this transit as it will bring before our eyes and into our conscious awareness this very thing.

I recently sent out an email about one of the most amazing programs I have seen offered on the internet (through Healing With The Masters). I don't "promote" such things lightly...in fact this may be the first time I have done so.

It presents the challenge to find the Bond between us all, and particularly during this time on the planet when we often feel separate in so many ways. In this program, we can begin to know see and true and genuine equity and fairness.

You will learn what the leaders of the New Thought movement say about this very thing. Leaders and teachers such as Marianne Williamson, Jack Canfield, Steven Covey, Michael Beckwith, Jean Houston and Barbara Marx Hubbard. You can hear their insights for free by simply following the steps to sign up. It is starting TODAY and will last over the next 3 weeks. Your host is Lynn McTaggart. Again, it is clearly Divine timing that this event is broaching this very topic that is the highest expression of the interplay between Neptune and Mercury. I love it when Astrology is this clear.

This Bond to all things must exist within before it can exist out side of us. We must actively and consciously seek this connection between our vision for our life and our conscious mind. We have an innate ability to connect the two - in fact it is our birth right to do this very thing. Once we move in that direction, much will unfold rapidly before us as the Universe always supports us in upward movement.

"It is too great a task to be born unconsenting."

~from The Mists of Avalon
. . . . . .

What To Expect & Keys To Dealing With These Dynamic Energies

It is quite likely that you will experience some of the more challenging or difficult aspects of this influence. So I have listed here some things that you may experience are during this time:

** You may feel ungrounded and off center.

** You may feel spacey, disoriented and even confused or dizzy at times.

** If you are "ultra sensitive" to your surroundings you may pick up on others fear,
confusion, etc. Be sure to clear your space often! (Taking a shower while visualizing any toxic or negative or draining energy leaving your physical, emotional, mental and etheric bodies is a simple, effective way to do this. ** And call on Archangel Michael if you feel you need extra protection or buffering.)
** The "veils are thin" between the realms. As a result you may sense things that you don't ordinarily. ** This may be through your vision, hearing or even impressions. Please know that just because you are "picking something up" does not mean it is accurate or real. Ask that the frequency be raised. Then "check out" again what you are perceiving. OR sleep on it, certainly before you take action based on a hunch. This said . . .

** Intuition will be stronger for many, so it would be good to include these insights into your decision-making process. In fact, your intuition may be more accurate than your logic-reasoning mind.

** Your imagination may be hyper-active now. Keep in mind this may not always be a positive thing. Don't let it take you in uncomfortable directions!
Here are some both practical and spiritual ideas that will help you to deal with the above as well as ways to raise the frequencies of this influence:

*** Clean and clear off the clutter from your work space, altar or meditation space. This clears the way for you to receive undistorted messages, healing, insights and guidance from your higher realms that is less likely to be distorted or unclear.

*** Adopt the mindset that there is a spiritual aspect to everything that is going on and especially to what is occurring before you in this moment.

*** Ask for clarity and guidance about what that is.

*** Do pay attention to details, just don't get lost there.

*** Get extra rest as the physical body will most likely not have as much energy as usual.

*** Pay careful attention to what is on your mind when you awake as it is certainly possible that you have a message waiting for you!

*** Look for the mystical in everything as it may be most apparent if you really see what is right before and around you.

*** Reconnect with your vision! Find ways to get inspired! Do a vision board, read or listen to those things that inspire you, channel a message to yourself from your Soul. During this time the mind is more open that usual to being enlightened, illuminated and inspired.

*** Visualize what you know is a higher expression of your own Divine self. Hold that vision in your mind's eye for a few minutes each day.
Sending you many blessings of Grace and Light during this most dynamic time,

Get Ready for an extraordinarily powerful Mercury Retrograde...

By Master Astrologist - Elizabeth Jones

Powerful Mercury Retrograde Coming Aug 2nd!

Mercury goes retrograde 3 to 4 times each year for 21 days. And when it does, many have come to recognize its signature effects.

Communications go awry, misunderstandings are more frequent, making decisions is tricky at best and electronic devices seem to go haywire,travel is impacted, delays etc... to name a few.

Mercury is the planet that has rulership over all forms of communication-verbal and written, personal and professional, even agreements and contracts. And so yes, when it goes retrograde these areas of our life can get disrupted and go tilt.
The reason I am writing about this now, a week prior to the event, is because this is a very potent Mercury Retrograde, perhaps the most powerful I have ever seen, and I've seen many.

The reason is because Mercury is stationing at o degrees of Virgo while opposing Neptune at 0 degrees of Pisces. How interesting that the planet the rules logic will be so strongly impacted by the planet (Neptune) that rules all things vague and difficult to pin down.

This will create even more chaos and confusion than usual. (I discuss this in greater detail on my talk: Mercury Retrograde in 2011 ~ What To Expect and How To Make The Most Out Of It). This added dynamic will be an interesting one, no doubt about it. Yet while it will very likely wreck havoc with things requiring logic and reason, it may well be a boon to those things of a more spiritual nature. It's all in how we approach it.

Having an understanding of what to expect when Mercury goes retrograde helps enormously in preparing for it. There are certainly things you can do beforehand, and during, a retrograde period that help you in dealing with it. Here are some things to keep in mind:** Make important arrangements, meetings, travel plans, etc. at least 1 week prior to 8/2.

** If possible, try not to make major purchases during a Mercury retrograde period (there are exceptions to this...more on that in a minute).

** Back up computers, check and re-check meetings and plans, especially those that will fall in the retrograde period (Aug 2-Aug 26 - This Mercury Retro Period End August 26, 2011)

** And because of the added Neptunian influence, be sure to take some time out for retreat and to nurture the spiritual side of your life.There are certain things that each Mercury retrograde period are good for, depending upon what sign it is taking place in, what aspects are occurring and more. On my Mercury Retrograde in 2011 talk, I discuss each of the three periods, giving insights to help you understand and work with the energies at play.

You can learn more here: Mercury Retrograde in 2011 ~ What To Expect and How To Make The Most Out Of It

Each time Mercury stations retrograde is an opportunity to work with the mental in new ways, to gain new perception by looking at issues differently and to slow things down and reflect rather than jump. Understanding these dynamics is your best bet in making the most of these most interesting astrological influences.

May you know the light of clarity and the sweetness of inspiration during this time.Blessings, ~ Elizabeth

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Elizabeth Jones - Master Astrologist :

I'm Master Astrologer Elizabeth Jones. I live in Mount Shasta, California, and would love for you to have the benefit of seeing through my eyes the phenomenal order of our Universe and gain the amazing insights that Astrology provides. I can share with you what is going on Astrologically each month.

The New Moon of July 30th

From Allison Rae - Master Astrologist

The chaos of the past month or so nearly eclipsed the importance of a big gateway alignment coming up this weekend, July 30-31. It's a three-part convergence that I believe is a special invitation from the cosmos to get clear on what we want in our lives and our world, and get started.

It begins with the new moon on July 30, followed by an important milestone in the Mayan calendar and the Lammas/Imbolc cross-quarter gateway on July 31. My advice: Freshen up your to-do list and your vision board. Dream big. This is a huge opportunity to initiate something(s) new.

The flip side is that August is filled with more volatility and uncertainty. So get clear on what you want, and focus.

Allison Rae - Astrology
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