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The Transition of Energy by Mahachohan Saint Germain through Natalie Glasson

The Transition of Energy by Mahachohan Saint Germain

Channelled through Natalie Glasson 03/07/11

The most influential force, thing, object or power in
our reality whether we are on the Earth or the inner planes, is the
presence of energy. We find energy all around us, it is within us and
composing our bodies whether they are physical or light bodies, it
even exists as physical objects that we can hold and explore. Energy
is within the weather that is experienced on the Earth, in the
opinions and attitudes of all people and souls; it can be sent and
received in so many ways, being expressed into beauty or negativity.
Energy comprises everything that we experience, exist within and as,
it is so complex in its expression but it also has simplicity about
its manifestation. The energy that I am speaking of is the energy
source that extends from the Creator's soul, the energy that can be
expressed as love, light and peace as well as so much more but we all
understand that this energy had a point of origin, which is the mighty
soul of the Creator.

Many light workers speak of energy but it is my belief
that energy has not yet been truly understood or appreciated on the
Earth. Energy can be likened to a flower; it has a process of growth,
then a process of being abundantly present, this is when the flower is
fully formed, then there is a withdrawal or withering process when the
flower decays. Like flowers energy has to have a point of origin then
a process of growth, with a period when it is abundant in its
manifested form, then the energy can deplete or withdraw slightly or
completely. Energy never truly dissolves it always leaves its imprint
but this is only energy imprinting on energy. Energy cannot truly
disappear because it is constantly reforming itself, regenerating and
transforming. We can feel and sense energy, we can even speak and
think energy, as energy is the fuel for our existence when we are on
the Earth and also on the inner planes. When I speak of energy I am
describing the essence of life, that life force energy that is
everywhere and is within everything. Energy is always changing and
developing, the best way to notice this is in our situations and
experiences on the Earth. We may sit to speak with friends one day;
each person brings to the group energy and then expresses energy while
together creating an energetic experience which could be described as
fun, sadness, celebration or tranquillity. If the same people were to
sit down together the next day you wouldn't be able to recreate the
exact same experiences as everyone's energy would be different and the
group energy or experience would alter, and so we see that energy
never remains the same. In this situation the energy between the
people in the group would probably develop and progress when they meet
again. Energy simply exists; it doesn't have a negative or positive
form it simply takes on the form you give it.

I ask you to think about yourself, your character,
your life and achievements for a moment and acknowledge them as simply
energy, with energetic changes and manifestations. You may even notice
that you have experienced the cycle of energy from growth to depletion
many times, maybe in relationships or even the process of education,
as well as interests and preferences. What if you were now to think of
yourself as energy and realise you have created yourself through the
form that you have given to energy. You have given form, shape,
structure and substance to energy and you have created yourself as you
are now. The onlyreal tool that you have for moulding energy is your
mind. Essential throughout your whole lifetime you have been moulding
energy, observing the transitions of energy, letting go of old
energies and welcoming new energies. You have also been aware of the
energies of others and how these affect you every second of your day.
Even the energies of rooms, objects and clothing affect you, because
you are energy and so are naturally attracted to and attract energy.
It is also essential to realise that everything around you is in an
energy stage of transition and so will create reactions within your
being. When objects or rooms have a memory, the energy that was once
abundantly present has not finished its cycle process, it still
remains as an individual energy. To release this memory we can cleanse
the object which allows the energy to manifest into something else.
Memories often stem from the mind but can be anchored into energy
which takes a more solid form; it is therefore energy that has been
imprinted with energy. We begin to see that there are multiple levels
to the energy of the Creator because we as an aspect of the Creator on
the Earth are constantly giving form to energy.

This is a wonderful idea to hold on to, that you are
giving form to energy.

Allow yourself to spend a whole day holding this idea in your mind
and allowing yourself to obverse yourself as you give form to energy.
Once you begin to notice when you are giving form to energy, why you
are giving form to energy and how you are giving form to energy, you
basically begin to see how your whole reality and even the world has
been constructed. You may even notice the cycle of energy as you give
form, substance or structure to it even if it is in the form of an
emotion. The cycle of energy is essential to observe, the cycle of
giving form to an object or situation could begin with an idea about
the object or situation, then a period of naturally energising the
idea without even realising. You are actually building the small
source of energy which manifested the idea into an expansive energy.
Then a few days later the object or situation may manifest, this could
be because you have purchased the object, it has been given to you or
maybe you have arranged for the situation to take place. The
manifestation of the energy will then remain with you for as long as
you need it, but because energy has a cycle it will withdrawal and be
transformed into a new energy at some point. The same occurs with
emotions which are again ideas that stem from the mind; they just have
a more personal manifestation. When an emotion manifests it has a
growth period, then a time when it completely consumes you, but the
emotion generally passes. Sometimes we do not completely let go of the
emotion or energy and this is when energy becomes stagnant, not able
to transform.

When you can truly begin to observe energy then you
will be given the most powerful key to your existence and reality on
the Earth, you will be able to heal yourself, remain balanced, free
from the influences of others as well as understanding how to bring
all energies once no longer needed into completion. This would be an
extremely powerful tool that helps you to navigate your reality and
achieve your divine purpose with ease. So much confusion occurs on the
Earth because people remain ignorant to the process of energy and
therefore create many dramas and cause themselves much pain because of
their lack of understanding. I am not judging you for this as to
understand energy is a natural process of your spiritual growth, I
simply wish to make you observant of your reality on the Earth and how
your experiences can be developed and enhanced.

Much pain occurs because people are not willing to accept change or
may even have developed a fear connected to change. A fear of change
often manifests because the person wishes to feel secure and stable in
their reality but experienced a change that caused great unsettlement.
They continue to associate all transitions in their life with this
experience. Change is connected to insecurity but when you begin to
understand the cycle of energy and how you give form to energy you
actually offer yourself the greatest security of all. You realise that
once you accept an energy into your reality it may stay or go at a
certain times in your life, your perception of this become neutral
because you know that the energy will naturally pass when you no
longer need it, therefore signifying a growth or development process.

Many changes are occurring on the Earth now and will occur in your
reality; these are all a part of the letting go or cleansing process
in preparation for ascension. In order to remain stable during periods
of transition it is important to focus upon energy but to also begin
to understand the transitions of energy every moment of your day. This
is the energy that you take on from others and the environment, the
energy that you create emotionally, the energy that you form through
your mind and the way in which you perceive energy. There is so much
to observe but if you acknowledge that everything is energy, nothing
is solid or unchangeable, then you begin to gain a contentment within
your being and reality that brings an all knowingness and a deep sense
of stability even in times of chaos. Once you begin to observe and
notice how you give form to energy and what form it takes it is so
much easier for you to mould the energy with your thoughts into
something that will assist you in your reality or that will aid your
spiritual growth.

You can ask your angels and guides to help you be aware of how you
give form to energy. Each morning you may say;

'Beloved angels and guides, I call you to surround me with your love,
linking into my energy. Please enhance my love, light and energy
vibration so that I may be truly connected to your energy, the energy
of the Creator and my soul. Let me understand the wisdom and
enlightenment that is needed now for my spiritual growth process.

It is my wish to understand the transitions of energy and how I
naturally give form to energy each moment of my day. Please increase
the clarity and focus of my mind so that I may remain observant of the
energies I express and accept and how they influence my being and
reality. Let me begin to acknowledge everything within and around me
as energy, therefore seeing beyond the physicality of the Earth which
is an illusion. Let me feel the vibration of energy, let me see the
presence of energy and let me sense the purpose of energy as it exist
and transforms. Please assist me in truly understanding energy in my
reality so that I may learn how to maintain a balance, deal with
change easily understanding its reason as well as giving the most
appropriate form to energy to aid my spiritual growth.

Help me to detach from energies that need to complete in my being or
reality so that they can transform into new positive and loving energy
around me. Help me to let go of unneeded memories thus allowing the
transition of energy to bring healing and renewal to my being.

I call upon the Mahachohan Saint Germain to assist and guide me in this process.

Thank you.'

This is not necessary something that I can teach you, it is something
that you can think about, gaining understanding through the process of
focus and observation. It is an important aspect of ascension.

With abundant blessings of love and grace,

I am the Mahachohan Saint Germain

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