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Atlantis & Dr Moreau The Metatronic Perspective on Yeti & Sasquatch

Atlantis & Dr Moreau
The Metatronic Perspective on Yeti & Sasquatch

Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn

Question: You speak of the earth having inhabited 'Hollow Chasms' Do these subterranean inhabitants include the beings we refer to as Yeti and Devic?

Metatron: It does not. These beings also exist, but are not among the LeMurians and early Atlanteans that ventured into the inner earth.

Question: Can you tell us about the Yeti, and are these the same as the beings called Bigfoot?

Metatron: These you refer to as Yeti or those termed, Bigfoot, are both mutations of earlier versions of the genetic experiments on Earth, primarily from the 2nd phase of Atlantis some 20 to 25 thousand years ago in linear aspect.

At that time there were many genetic experiments on your planet. These beings are intelligent, but genetically impaired. These massive forms were genetically created using human DNA with that of the ape to create a laboring humanoid beast, a beast with greater intelligence, human like intelligence, but with imposed genetic wiring or implants that 'unplugged' certain areas of the brain.

These are survivors of what you term 'the others', the genetic mutants of Atlantis. These are remnants of beings callously created for work force within mines, farms and forestry. The areas of their brains that allow for emotion, and expansive thinking has been artificially impaired within their genetic codes, yet it is the same source that inhabits these diminishing creatures that is within the dolphin, yet within their bodies it is unable to find expression or mentally evolve beyond certain limits.

Yet they do possess that termed divine intelligence. But these beings are unable to effectively tap into the higher self because of the genetic disconnections. Only within their great physical endurance capacity, strength and survival instinct mechanisms, are they able to sustain.

There are actually several 'versions' of these beings. The largest, most powerful and intelligent are those of the Himalayas, termed Yeti, and those of the Pacific Northwest & Siberia termed Sasquatch or 'Bigfoot'. The 'version' of these mutant genetic experimentations that exist in the swamplands of the southern United States are smaller and less intelligent than the larger version of the Himalayas and Pacific Northwest. The ones referred to as 'Skunk Apes or Swamp Apes' were a different primate DNA source combination.

These beings presently have a life expectancy of approximately 80 - 90 years. Less than 25% of the females are capable of reproduction, and the reproduction cycle is not annual. Populations are far fewer than you may imagine, and are diminishing. There are less than 1000 currently on the planet.

These beings do not live in the inner chasms of the Earth. They live in caves and remote mountains and within your deep forest and swamplands. They are nocturnal beings. They are a race that is dwindling, shall we say, and in time will no longer exist.

These beings have great wariness of humans, and experience a great dismay and confusion as to their evolvement. They cautiously watch you, they know they are your brothers, and with baited anxiety want to be closer to you, but are intelligent enough to know they cannot.

Their bodies have evolved to allow them through the massing of thick hair, and thick oily skins to live in extreme locations, and here they live out their final era of life.

Their spirits no longer wish to complete, as their genetic limitations are such that they cannot evolve, yet they are entrapped in a cycle that is difficult to for them to emerge from because of the genetic limitations. The genetic filters or implants placed within their biology inhibits their ability to truly access their divine intelligence and so are sadly trapped in a recurring cycle.

If you were to look within the eyes of one of these beings, you would feel a great sadness.

Question: Are you saying that Yeti are the same spirit source as dolphins?

Metatron: Originally the same source, that being of Sirius, as are many of your species on the planet. But to be clear, whilst it is same original source, it is not the same expression, in fact far from it. You see, these creatures cannot, do not express the same vivid emotion, intelligence and joy as do the dolphin, because the bodies in which they are entrapped, does not allow them to.

They are trapped incongruently between the matrix of 'group soul' as is innate to that termed the animal kingdom and individual divine consciousness enable for the human and dolphin. They cannot access their higher self, and as such operate in a dilemma between the two. Thus the are both attracted to and repulsed by both, in a manner of speaking, unable to fit in, unable to find expression.

The Yeti & Sasquatch were unsuccessful genetic experiments, that entrapped life force, but unnaturally, un-harmonically so.

But because more primate DNA than human DNA were used, it was more successful, relative to the other horrific results. You see, this was done to humans as well in Atlantean (Aryan) experimentation. There were indeed semi covert genetic experimentation by the Aryans that literally created myriad abominations, not unlike your imagery in the 'Island of Doctor Moreau', crossing humans with beast of many types, birds, horses, bulls and primates, for untoward purpose.

Many parts of the 'fictional' Moreau tale, are in fact somewhat similar to what occurred on Aryan. Drugs were frequently required to regulate the human side hormonally and a form of remote shocks were used for behavioral control. In the mutations that were more human than animal, the relatively short existence was a horrid living nightmare....an abomination.

With the Yeti-Sasquatch, the intent was to create a powerful creature capable of extremely heavy labor, but to have no free will, to be remotely controllable, incapable of certain independent thought processes.

You may wonder why such spirits would choose to inhabit such restricted physical vehicles, and the answer is that fewer and fewer choose to do so, and soon they will no longer exist as a species.

The ones remaining desperately wish to be out, but have not as yet found the inner means to escape the entrapment. It may be said that they are enmeshed, trapped within the grid time gradient. But they are diminishing in numbers, because they no longer have the desire to procreate or the biology to allow normal birthing. In a few centuries they will be gone, totally extinct.

These beings are capable of expressing great strength & natural animalistic cunning in survival, and do have an undiffused innate kinship to one another, but are quite aware in their greater aspects of their inability to expand in these corporeal expressions into their true nature and divinity.

Question to Metatron: There are some who believe the Yeti & Sasquatch are mystical beings and have a message for humanity. Based on what you have shared, is that inaccurate?

Metatron: It is inaccurate to assume that because they are enigmatic and mythical to you, that they are highly evolved.

Very little of their true and greater nature can be brought forward. So in these bodies, they are not enlightened beings, and while some humans in metaphysics may wish to think of them as evolved consciousness, with messages for humanity & abilities of invisibility, they truly are not. But there is a lesson learned.

These mutant beings have in many ways reverted back to a animalistic behavior pattern based on instinct. But they do not, cannot in the altered vibrational format, fit into natural patterns; and they are aware of this.

Their sleep cycles are yet capable of a fleeting connection to their Divine Mind, but in waking state is absolutely blocked. For this reason, they sleep far more than they wake.

As stated , they are intelligent enough to realize that they do not fit, and are conflicted by the desire to be a part of humankind, and an appropriate wary caution of knowing what would occur if they are seen by man. As such they will occasional observe man from a distance, or in close proximity camoflague....with a vibration of curiosity and deep melancholy.

These beings are not aggressive, and stories of attacks are incorrect...just as tales of communication with mankind are incorrect. Like large primates, they will, when forced, attempt to frighten an aggressor that invades their space, but unlike large primates will not attack to hold their ground. While they live in small groups ,and nurture their young, there is no 'alpha male'. Instincts of dominance remain removed. They have no natural predators in their remote habitats. They are not carnivores.

Some have speculated that these beings are capable of becoming 'non - visible' at will. This is inaccurate. They do not flux between dimensions or disappear into parallel time frames. They do indeed have an extraordinary ability to camouflage themselves in the indigenous flora of their environ. They have learned how to blend . Once they detect human presence, they can remain silent and motionless as needed to avoid detection. Yet despite their enormity they are capable of stealth & rapid movement.

These beings are nocturnal, and have elaborated sleep patterns. Sleep cycles in dormancy occur on a 3:1 basis, approximately 30 hours of sleep/semi sleep for every 10-12 hours of waking activity. This due in part to their inability to rhythmically flow with natural pattern, and in part to escape their entrapment in dreamscape.

Because they were 'engineered' to be somewhat robotically controlled, certain of the sensory capacities were genetically amplified, as a control mechanism. Their ability to perceive sound and vibration is well beyond that of any other land based mammal, including the canine.

You see they were controlled by emissions of ultra-sonic sound vibration by the Aryans. As a result of their enhanced vibratory senses Sasquatch and Yeti have an ability to recognize the presence of humans by picking up the human brain wave, from as far as two kilometers away. This in a form of enhanced telepathic sensory of thought, and a high pitch sound sensory similar to the sonar of the dolphin.

Question to Metatron: This feels very sad. Can we do anything to help them ?

Metatron: Humanity in their genetic engineering via the Aryan Sons of Belial created abominations that were responsible for great misery. As we have said, the humanoid animals were horrific. The Law of One were aware of this and opposed. Not enough was done to halt it, and this ( as well as the misuse of the Crystals) led to the sad demise , the downfall of Atlantis. The memory and indeed the lesson is ingrained deeply within the consciousness of the planet, and group mind of humanity. It is the pledge of the Law of One, to never allow these to occur again.

The past can be changed, for it is no more fixed than the future. There will be a resurfacing and leap in the technology of genetic engineering knowledge in the years to come. These mistakes cannot reoccur. That is how you help the remnants of 'Dr Moreau'. And indeed soon, the Sasquatch & Yeti will escape the physical confines in the energies to come. Their chosen extinction is in effect, in the crystalline energy of the Ascension they cannot remain, will not remain.

You cannot, will not allow it to happen again, and in so doing you will erase the past.That is how you help them. By navigating the future that erases the past. Such is the maya of the purposed illusion of that you call time on the University of Earth.

Dear Ones, just as the Law of One have pledged to never again allow the Crystals to be misused, there is indeed a pledge of equal dedication to not allow the genetic engineering to be enacted in abomination. It is part of the Ascension, it is your pledge. Do you understand? Then create it as so.

....End of Information on Yeti & Sasquatch.
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