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Nina Brown ‎12/10/11— We Greet You and Honor You for Your Service to The Planet and All of Humanity— full moon, total lunar eclipse

Nina Brown
‎12/10/11— We Greet You and Honor You for Your Service to The Planet and All of Humanity— full moon, total lunar eclipse
Beloved ones, on this day of enormous frequency transmission when the earth, Gaia, is flooded with the light of “the silvery moon” (we have a sense of humor too), we greet you and honor you for your service to the planet and all of humanity. Today is a day to mark in your awareness, for it is an invitation to all beings on planet earth to acknowledge and accept the contract with which they incarnated. Today is the clarion call to all to pick up the banner and to glide through the plasma ocean with the golden dolphin aspect of themselves.

Today is the moment in human history when one is asked to declare, “Yes.” Yes, I will move forward into the dimensional shift, move forward in my awareness of my expanded consciousness. Yes, this is my calling. Yes, I will wait no longer. Yes, I will join in community, to form pods around the planet to bring the power and might of the golden dolphins on the planet into a new collective quantum field. Yes, I will honor myself in the knowing of my human divinity, so that all will see the full radiance of me. Yes, I will play in the alpha state of being, as I create responsibly heaven on earth, the new earth, the conscious reality that expresses all that I am, my wholeness.

We, the Golden Dolphin Avatars of Sirius B, support and guide you in your new, more powerful declaration of your reason for incarnating at this moment in cosmic history. Today is the day that each one is offered to review who they know themselves to be, from where they came and why they are on the planet - today! Feel the frequencies that are cascading onto the planet at this very moment as we speak and as you read. Open your hearts to these new vibrations, to the new sounds, to the new colors and let them radiate throughout your body to support you in this new expanding awareness of you as an enormous being of light come to planet earth exactly at this time to usher in the new earth.

We bow to you, dear ones. We honor you in your magnificence and see you in your mantle of gold, in the splendor of who you truly are. See this as well. Step outside of your physical reality and join us in the cosmic realm as an observer of you, dear ones. Do you see who you truly are? Do you see what we see? Let the light of this full moon brighten the realm in which you exist, so that you can see fully your brilliance. We love you. We wish to merge with you. We wish to support, guide and transform your reality with you as an integral part of your wholeness, the highest vibration of your higher self. Play as we speak. Play as you read. Enjoy every precious moment of this unfolding new experience that is new for you and new for all of the cosmos.
With our deep love,
The Golden Dolphins via Anaya-Ra (www.goldendolphins.com)

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