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Isis, the earth and no dark or light.

Isis, the earth and no dark or light.

As I have explained more about this in my previous message, I would also like to explain what this means for the earth reality you are in at the moment.

There are many ways to advance and raise your frequencies.

There is no one way.

On earth it is seen as raising your frequency, or as becoming more light.

On earth there are many influences and many see these influences as lower dimensional beings that are interfering and even enslaving at times you as humans upon earth.

This is partly true as you are at the moment even more controlled than you were in previous times. Most of the control on the physical level coming through government and the easy access government has to your daily life and circumstances.

This is of course not happening in every part of the world, but mostly in the more populated parts of the world.

As far as spiritual progress a lot has been controlled as well, as much of your history has been either destroyed or changed into false stories.

The great civilizations like Atlantis and Lemuria have been erased from history.

Can you even imagine if you had physical evidence, writings and teachings available how much faster you would have progresses on the path of awakening? You would have had an example of what it was like, more than what you have at this moment as most of the information at this time is coming through memories or channeled material.
Now in the beginning times of Atlantis, all were fully aware of their spiritual reality, this slowly changed as they became more attached to the physical reality.

There were however still many that contained the awareness and this is where the fight of control began. There were many advanced beings working together to gain control over the ones that had lost awareness.

These humans had full awareness and chose the path of control over others.

As you have all lived many times upon earth, many do not remember the previous times where the earth was getting ready to ascend and it was interfered with.

All these beings out there, not upon the earth know this as well.

It had nothing to do with the reality upon earth, as the earth ascension is dependent upon how many of you are actually awake enough to assist the earth.

It had nothing to di with the environment upon earth and alien bases as they were there at the time as well and the earth can ascend no matter what as she is capable of raising her frequencies and certain humans were capable of making sure these alien bases were not interfering with the ascension.

All they needed was enough support to open the portal through the dimensions and the reality creation the earth was in at that moment.

As many beings giving you messages are saying they are assisting on earth, are doing nothing more than keeping you focused on the earth reality.
No matter what you earth reality is, awakening is possible, even if you are in the most dire circumstances, awakening is possible.

The awakening within is not related to what is happening in your earth reality.

Yes parts within your earth reality can interfere, but anything that is happening on a physical level can be dealt with.

Being controlled on a human level, is separate from being controlled on a spiritual level.

Even if you are being controlled on a physical level you can still work on your spiritual awakening.
If you are controlled in a spiritual level it will have to be dealt with on a spiritual level.

Anyone that is involved outside of your earth reality knows this and the focus should be spiritual awakening, not what is happening in your earth reality as far as circumstances and environment.

These are important things but there are many groups on earth already taking care of this and in a spiritual way which is more helpful than anything that can be done on the physical level at this time.

There is some need for assistance on the physical level, but work on the physical level is very slow as the density of the physical reality does not allow for the energies to move fast enough to have everything that you would like to see done before the time of the ascension of the earth.

In this way, spiritual work is faster as spiritually you can work within higher dimensional frequencies that move faster and as the earth is raising her own frequencies, she herself is moving faster as well.

Yes the human reality on earth seems to be very important, but remember that this lifetime is only one percent of your lifetimes upon earth.

This time you came to complete the full awakening, much of what is happening is the result of this awakening as the ones that are not ready are being influenced by the energies of your awakening and the changes you bring into the consciousness around earth.

Many however will not awaken as they are not at the point of being able to understand what the energies can assist them with.

They will be moved into a higher dimensional frequency the moment the earth ascends and from there they will be able to find more of an understanding and this will change much of what is happening at the moment upon earth. Much of the change you are looking for will happen after the ascension of the earth as a different dimensional frequency is needed to bring about the understanding and change within consciousness to support the changes you would like to see happen on earth.

The interference upon earth is a mere nuisance compared to the interference on the spiritual level.
As I said before this was started a lot longer ago than many of you can remember physically as there is no physical evidence available.

In the time of Atlantis there were fully awakened ones that took control over the earth and what was happening on earth.

These fully awakened ones have incarnated over and over again to further gain control over the awakening of humans.

They use the control in the physical reality up to a certain level, but as control on the physical level only works up to a certain point of awakening, they also use control on a spiritual level.

The last destruction of spiritual awakening and information about how to become fully conscious can be seen in Egypt, where at one point in time everything that would even remotely bring back memories of awakening was destroyed the moment one person decided he was God and there was only one God the people were allowed to worship.
This God was the pharaoh and his counterpart was Ra, the sun.

At this moment of awakening it becomes more and more important to be aware of what is interfering spiritually, on every level of your spiritual awakening.

Especially since many beings have been talking about what they are doing to the low level interference upon earth.

The low level interference upon earth, and they all know this is only a tiny part of what is interfering.
Interference is coming from the higher levels as the ones that took control in Atlantis are not low level beings. They are advanced spiritual beings that are masters at manipulation of the energies and masters in creating interference to prevent a full awakening as they would like to see you fail again, they do not want the earth to ascend as this will mean they will lose part of the control they have on a physical level, but more so they will lose control on a spiritual level. As some of you are on the path of full awakening and the ones that will fully awaken will be able to negate the control on a spiritual level.

There is only a small group of advanced being needed to take back control over the awakening and ascension of the earth, there is however the need of support for this group as the energies need to be adjusted and raised to a certain level to actually complete the ascension of the earth.

To support you will need to reach a certain frequency anchored within the physical body and awakening up to a level you are able to understand what is happening so you will be able to consciously assist with the ascension of the earth.
As there are many beings that are not upon earth willing to assist, you have to realize that some of them do have the knowledge of what happened within the earth history and others have no knowledge of previous attempts to ascend the earth.

As many of you are at the path of leaving the earth completely after the ascension, it is not important if there are beings that tell you, they will come to earth.

There is no need for this as ascension means you will go to them, or any other place you wish to move to.

Many of the beings around earth at this time, have gone through some of what you as humans are going through, this is why they can be of some assistance in the beginning of your awakening. Many of them have however not yet reached the level of understanding needed to fully assist in the awakening and this is why there are so many contradicting stories as they bring you their experience, which can be somewhat similar to yours, but is never completely what you are going to be experiencing. This because the ascension of the earth and beings upon her has not been done before. Without interference there would be no need to ascend the earth with beings upon her as all of you would have awakened to full awareness and consciousness and would have ascended of the earth, out of the earth reality.

Now as we have known about this interference for a long time, have dealt with it for a long time, you have made the choice to accept the interference as an experience to assist you in learning even more than what normally would be possible.

You have chosen to incarnate over and over again into the earth reality up to a point where it seemed impossible to move back into full awareness and consciousness of the spiritual world.

That was a brave choice and yes something to be proud of if you would like to see it that way. There are not many beings out there at this moment that have done this, so as you have chosen this path you have immensely grown into advanced beings that surpasses many other beings out there.

No reason to think you are there though as you are at the last leg of your journey and the journey still has to be completed by full awakening and conscious awareness of your being within the spiritual reality manifested in the human body upon earth.

We know there will only be a small group that will fully awaken, but this small group is very important and these messages are for them as many of you have not chosen the path to full awakening at this time.

It doesn't mean you cannot change this choice, you all have the opportunity to fully awaken.

It is however not required of you, as the choice to fully awaken is a choice of dedication and commitment to your own being, to fully complete the search within and become your being fully awake within the human reality.

Some of you see this as impossible as you are understanding what is happening, but you have to understand that what you are understanding at the moment is not the full reality of spiritual awakening.

Some might think they are fully awake and aware and again, please understand that there is more to become aware of as the spiritual process of ascension does not end at a certain point of awakening and understanding.

Awakening is possible and there are many ways you can awaken fully as there is still time depending of course on your choice and commitment and dedication to your own process.

Let yourself be guided by your inner teachers and know and trust they will lead you in the right direction if you fully commit yourself to your own being.


Through Petra Margolis
December 3, 2011

As I finished and was about to post, Isis reminded me that full awakening is being fully aware of source within you, living from a source point of view and not a human point of view.

Isis will explain more about what it means to have a source point of view instead of living from human point of view in her next message.

12-12 portal

12-12-11, the Crystalline Diamond portal into awakening.
Yes, we have one more coming up this year, and for those who joined us on 11-11-11, this one is just as powerful and maybe even more.

The 11-11-11 portal connected us to the Crystal Skulls and all the information they can bring to us.

On 12-12-11 the portal will be opening up into what many might call the heavenly realms. This portal will bring in many of the higher dimensional frequencies to be grounded upon earth and within us.

As the 3rd dimensional energy is slowly dissipating, the higher dimensional energies will have room to come in and anchor within our reality.

This is a personal process for everyone, and depending upon your path and where you are at this moment, you will receive many higher dimensional frequencies that will lift you up further within your own being.

Allowing for a greater and clearer connection within, but also allowing for a raise in frequency within the physical body.
Another great step upon the path of ascension and growth as we move into the year 2012 where much will be asked of us as we prepare the earth for her ascension and of course as we prepare ourselves for ascension.

On Sunday December 11-12-11 at 10:30pm EST, we have a special workshop to clear ourselves from any low dimensional frequencies to make room for the new higher dimensional frequencies.

And on Monday December 12-12-11 at 10:30pm EST we will go through this portal as it opens up for us and receive the higher dimensional frequencies and we will bring them back with us to anchor within the physical body and to lift up the 3rd dimensional frequency upon earth at this time

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On each of those days we will move into specific past lives to bring back with us the gifts and abilities we used within those lifetimes.

Each of us have many different gifts and abilities and now is the time to return them to us, as we move into a more awakened state of being.

These gifts can be anything from healing, psychic abilities and more.

We all have them and the 12 days of Christmas is where we move into our own past to retrieve them.

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