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Isis on ET's, Light Beings and more.

Isis on ET's, Light Beings and more.

I will try and explain this more clearly as you are getting acquainted with a new way of thinking.

Each being, you can call them ET's, Beings of Light, Angels and so on, came directly from the One Source. From there each being moves onto its own path within the one Source energies.

Each being has their own experiences, their own path.
Each being moves through many universes to gain experiences, to learn to expand more into knowing what is possible within the Source of All that Is.

Each being has their own consciousness experience but can at will tap into any other consciousness experience that is available within the Source of All that is.

This is something the being learns, it is not an automatic expression of each being.

As each being is moving through the Universes, starts with a blank sheet as to what these universes are, what the energy is they are moving through, there is however a place within each being that contains all the information.
As each being is the core energy of the Source of all that Is.

Each being has their own personality if you can think of it that way.

Not one being is the same as far as experience and knowledge.

However as each being is created from the same energy and moves within the same energy, there is the connection through this energy that allows each being to tap into the knowledge available within the energy.

This because the energy they move in is affected by all the beings moving through it.

You can see it as the human body, you can see the human body as a whole being, or you can move deeper into the human body and see every cell within the human body. Each human cell has a core that is the same, but the cells can take on different shapes as to where and how they are being used within the physical body. Each cell has their own consciousness, but within the human body there are many different cells and they work together as one consciousness.

An illness within the physical body can be seen as part of the cells out of alignment with the overall consciousness of the human body.

Now as we see the Source that we are all made of as the human body, each being is a cell within that human body. Each cell has their own consciousness and therefore their own choices it can make.

These choices will not always be in alignment with the overall consciousness.

Within Source this does not mean there is an illness within Source as within the energy reality we do not work the same way as the human body.

Within Source it does not really matter as this is the place where we learn and experience no matter what.
Universes, planets, stars everything that is within Source has a consciousness and can be connected with if needed, or when we wish to do so.

How does this apply to your reality at the moment?
You are becoming more aware there are other beings out there, some in a physical from, others in an energetic form.

Each of them has the same core energy, each of them has their own consciousness and choices.

As we all move through the energies of Source, we explore many universes, we all follow our own path and we all have our own experiences, many different choices are being made at all times.

Just like upon earth there are groups of beings working together to experience and learn. They can choose to live together on one planet and take on the same appearance as each other in a physical form.

There are unlimited possibilities available, and yes of course there are just as upon earth beings, or groups of beings that are more into control realities then others.
As a group of beings has been together for some time, they have created a reality for themselves to explore, to live in, there is attachment to that reality at times.

Just like you upon earth, groups that are living upon other planets deal with the environment they live in. Some planets disappear and the groups will have to find another place to live upon.

Depending upon the reality they have created, they will either try to survive upon their own planet or look for another planet.

As the universe you are in has different dimensions of frequencies created within it, there are beings that live within these different dimensions.

Depending upon the knowledge and experiences of those beings, they are either able to move freely within your universe and take on a physical or en energetic form. Others have not gained that much knowledge or experience yet and are bound by the dimensions they have chosen to live in, either within a physical or energetic form.

Some are able to move through all the dimensional frequencies, others are only able to move through certain dimensional frequencies, usually the ones they are living in and below.

There are beings out there that work together to assist other beings in their process of learning and experiences. Other groups work against it.

Some groups work together with beings upon earth, others only work within spirit.

As far as channeled messages by these beings, some humans are able to reach the 5th dimensional frequencies and are able to receive messages from beings within those dimensions. Some channels have worked on reaching higher dimensional frequencies and are able to receive messages from beings within higher dimensions.

As there are beings that are able to move through all dimensions, it depends mostly on the channel how the message is received. As messages received on a 5th dimensional level will be less clear as the energy is denser and less clear.

So even though higher dimensional beings can reach the channel in the lower dimension it does not mean it will be a clear message.
As many channels receive messages on a 5th dimensional level, they are receiving messages from, as you would say, lower dimensional beings, or at least lower dimensional transmissions. Many of the lower dimensional beings are less knowledgeable, but they are more invested into what is happening on earth as they are able to see within the dimensions below them.

There are of course the higher dimensional beings that connect with channels, but their messages are less understood by the channels as the channel itself has only knowledge and understanding up to a certain level.

This is applicable also to channeling parts of your own being, as understanding the messages within your own being is reliant upon the understanding and knowledge of the human part of your being.

The human part is in need of acknowledgment that it is moving into the right direction, that it is doing the right thing as you would say.

We see this as the messages from within are usually translated by the human as acknowledgement of being very important, on the right path and of great importance to the reality that is changing around them.

There is also usually a lot of involvement of the part within yourself that is being channeled connected to the human reality, for example the Higher Self is the part closest to the physical reality, so the Higher Self exists mostly within the lower dimensional frequencies above the physical body.

This because there is the translation of the human mind, and the human mind is in many ways attached to the physical reality. Another factor is that parts of the being within are less knowledgeable as other parts as they reside within the lower dimensions. Your being, your total being is extended through many dimensions and to reach those parts a lot of clearing is needed to remove the density of the dimensions.

Each time to reach another part within your being, a new way of translating the message is needed for the human part as well as the energies will be of a higher frequency and the human brain is only used to the translation of the lower frequencies.

This is why working together with guides can be of assistance but only if those guides are able to lift part of you up temporarily into higher dimensional frequencies allowing you to experience them.

The other part that is needed is that those higher frequency experience needs to be used to make the changes within the human.

This is the part where many are not making it at this time.
As their guides are usually able to lift them up only part of the way and many humans have the understanding that their guides are supposed to do it all for them.

You can see the difference within the messages the moment they start to change from all acknowledgment of what you are doing into real time advice on what you could be doing, this advice will usually be more focused on advancing spiritually then physically.

Yes every part of your being loves you, if you want to see it that way.

Every part of your being is you, the need to feel loved and acknowledged is only present on the human level.
The same for channeled messages from other beings, at one point you will have to reach a place where you do not seek the confirmation and acknowledgment of doing the right thing, you will need to reach a place where real information can be received without the human need for constant affirmation of the human part.

You will have to reach a place where more and more parts of your being merge or collapse into the human part and from that moment on you will find no need for affirmation of what a great being you are. As this knowledge of who you are will be present and you will be able to see who you really are, feel who you really are and know from within who you really are.

From this place of being, the real work begins.
The understanding of the reality you are in and the understanding of the reality that seems to be outside of you.

This is not something that comes easy as you have the limitations of the dimensions within your reality, it doesn't mean however it is not possible.

This is what we are talking about when we say full awakening.

Awakening is awareness of everything that is within your own consciousness.

The human uses awareness to become aware of everything within their own consciousness, but also within the Source of All this Is.

As a being within energetic form we do not use awareness as we are conscious at all times and we are our own consciousness.

As a human there is the need for translation of the consciousness into the human reality. This is why as a human you use the awareness as a means to translate the consciousness into the human reality, the human mind and heart.

Through Petra Margolis
December 1, 2011

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