30 Kasım 2011 Çarşamba

Masters of Timelessness Jennifer Hoffman

Masters of Timelessness

The concept of timelessness may be a little scary for some because what would we do without time? Would we just show up to a meeting when we felt like it? How would we coordinate events and schedules? Does this mean we stop celebrating birthdays? But timelessness isn't about getting rid of time or the concept of time and timing. It is moving into another experience of time when we shift our focus from time to outcome, from timing and how long things take to manifest, to the results of energetic flow. If time is the flow of energy through density, then timelessness is the flow of energy through the lightness of divine perfection.

How does divine perfection interact with time? It is the intersection between desire and intention and outcome and ascension. Every aspect of our life journey is measured by learning and transformation. It doesn't matter how long we take to learn a lesson, whether we learn it in a day, week, decade or a century, what is important is that we learn it. If we don't, we can return and work on it at a later time. We ascend through enlightenment, by understanding our experiences as the path to learning, healing, growth and transformation which, from a material perspective, take a certain amount of time but from our spiritual aspects, it is a matter of outcome and completion.

We partner with the energy of divine perfection to create the outcome that best responds to an aspect of our healing, learning, growth and ascension cycle. What is that? It's something we can't know until we allow the partnership to occur because with each new understanding we step into timelessness, where we allow the outcome to flow to us. Then we change the learning curve, shorten the path to our transformation and this shifts the outcome. Now we're on a different path that was possible because we shifted the outcome by allowing divine perfection to replace time. So the question is not whether we can be timeless but whether we are ready to allow ourselves to live in this vast, unlimited and unfamiliar territory.

Time is interwoven with our karmic cycles, emotional DNA, soul group dynamics and every other aspect of our life journey because these are all elements of density. So when we are not grounded in time, we allow a new energetic flow to become part of our learning which removes density and puts us on a path where outcomes shift and flow more quickly and often in a different direction. When we are at this level we can see instant results, and live our life in a new and different way without the struggle that is inherent in karma and time. And in the flow of timelessness the desires of our heart and soul and our life path become one and the same, to create our heaven on earth.

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