25 Kasım 2011 Cuma

Beacons of Light. - Isis

Beacons of Light.

I would like to explain something that might assist you as you are becoming so called more and more light.

You are being asked at many times to spread this light.

Light is just a frequency change, you are becoming less dense beings and you are moving into a higher dimensional frequency.

You have been taught that this change in frequency is called light.

Now as you intent is to be light, it will look like light and many are having a hard time on emotional levels and feel they are being bombarded with a lot of energy and they have a hard time handling some of this.

As you are all living upon earth, you live partly within the 3rd dimensional frequency. You also have the astral dimensional frequency on earth.

As you intent to be light, you will be attracting many astral beings that have not yet moved into the light, as they are for many reasons not able to see the light above them. They will see your light upon earth and move to your light, try to move into your energy as this is what they see can take them out of their astral reality.

This is why many are feeling bombarded and this can be by negative energies or positive energies, but mostly negative as you see it as many of these astral beings were not able to move on because of their life ending and what happened in their life was not so much seen as positive.

Many of you will not see them, but they are there and when you have a feeling of fear, anxiety, anger and confusion, you can almost be sure you are surrounded by many of these beings that have not been able to move on.

The way to deal with this is with your intent, and you can do this at any time.

Make a beam of light from earth going upwards and ask for all beings to move into this beam telling them that this is where they want to go, this is the light they are looking for. Let this beam of light go all the way upward and with your intent let it be to the right place for each being.

Remember as your intent is to be more and more light this will continue to happen.

If you want to avoid it, change your intent, we can see you no matter what, as we see the changes within the frequency, we see the dimensions shifting and the 3rd dimensional frequency is slowly overtaken or changed by the 5th dimensional frequency which is less dense and allows us to see even more of you.

Through Petra Margolis
November 25, 2011

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