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Isis, what happened on 11-11-11?

Isis, what happened on 11-11-11?

The opening of this portal was an event that was seen by many as the great shift.

This portal was as we explained in previous messages for those who were ready to move up into the frequencies provided by this portal.

It contains a direct link to many historical events and timelines that were removed and or changed throughout time.

This portal was for you as humanity, not for the earth as the core of mother earth already resides within the higher frequencies and she carries the history within her, her own history.

Many have seen shifts within their energy, have seen visions of what might and can happen.

Others have felt nothing, and this is ok as well.
This is not about who felt something and who didn't, it is about the opportunities that are available now for all of you to align or start to align with these energies.

Some are not able to align yet and that is perfectly normal as not everyone has reached a frequency that allows them to move into these energies.

For some it is not their path to move into these frequencies.

We have talked many times about releasing attachments and belief systems as they interfere with your experiences at all time.

The messages out there gave you the opportunity to see what discernment is all about, but also what releasing attachment and belief systems is all about as the anticipation toward this day was very great.

As many were gathering in sacred places, we would like to remind you that it does not matter where you are, this portal is not on earth, the portal resides within the higher dimensional frequencies so no matter where you are the energy can be reached.

For many of you it is now time to take a step back and see where you are within your own process at the moment. What are the belief systems and attachments you hold on to as you work on raising your own frequencies. As you are clearing out your own blockages that might prevent you from reaching those frequencies.
Again we are not talking about the earth, but about you, human beings upon earth. The process of earth is completely separate at this moment from the process of you as a human.

What some have experienced can be seen as an anticipation of the energy, and a firm belief system that some things that were predicted would happen and their belief system made it happen for them. Doesn't mean their experience was not real, it does mean that the experience might not be the complete picture as attachments and belief systems have a way of giving you what you think should happen, not what really happens.
Just like humans were completely convinced the earth was flat, this is what their belief systems told them, it took a lot to change that and even a picture that showed the earth as round did not convince most of them at that time.

Many do not see their own belief systems and attachments as something that can stand in their way of fully experiencing and understanding of what is happening. This because there are also many belief systems within the New Age movement and spiritual teachings.

Some of those were needed to get you to a certain place within your process or on your path. At this moment it is time to be open, be aware and allow the higher parts of your consciousness to enter.

I would also like to explain a bit about dimensions as they are within your universe and how it affects you as a human, but also how it affects all the other beings within your universe.

All dimensions exist within the same space, the only difference between each of them is the frequencies and some dimensions will actually overlap in frequencies at certain places.

You are within the 3rd dimensional frequency with a physical body, or to say it more specific, you are connected to a physical body created out of universal energy, and you placed part of your energy within this physical body.

There are many other beings out there within your universe, some can take the appearance of the physical body, and some need an actual physical body to be seen on earth.

They mostly live within other dimensions, from the 5th dimension upward.

This does not mean they have a physical body within those dimensions as many have ascended beyond that point, and others never had a physical body to begin with.

The physical body appearance is a created reality for you to learn and experience existence in a different way.
Not every being has chosen the physical body experience.

The ones that ascended out of the physical body experience are able to move through many dimensions without having to take on a physical body as they have moved out of that created reality and are not influenced by it anymore.

As we are talking about the earth moving into higher frequencies, the earth is also within this created reality of the physical body and she is getting ready to move out of this created reality of the physical body.

Everything that you see as physical within your universe is part of this created reality for the human experience. There are planets and systems out there that cannot be viewed while you are within a human experience.

This means there are many beings that you are not aware of at this time, as not every group feels the need to connect, assist or be part of what is happening on earth. They do however work within your universe and assist in that way.

As everything has an effect, everything that happens on earth effects what happens within your universe, however to say that as you merge more dimensions into your physical reality, beings in those dimensions will experience more of a physical reality is not true. These beings are not part of the created reality of the physical body and therefore are not affected in a way that forces them to deal with physicality.

There are many created realities within your universe and at this moment the only place that still has a created reality involving a physical form is the earth.

This also means any spaceships you see within your reality are not physical but they appear physical.

As the earth is moving out the physical reality, there are still many humans not ready to move out of the physical reality. This is one of the reasons we are working on opening more portals and energy pathways.

Many of these portals have been closed to prevent uses that would not benefit the earth, at this time we are very careful in opening them and many will only open for a moment and be closed again until the time the earth is ready to move out of her physical reality.

The portal that opened on 11-11-11 will remain open until that time as it brings in and allows for energies to flow to the humans upon earth that can be of assistance to many upon earth as it will be of great help in returning parts of your memories that are needed on a personal level for many to find answers within themselves.

We are very much aware of all that is happening within many and this is the time to go even deeper within, but with discernment and without attachment to what you might find.

The expectation that many have is that the energies will lift them up and take them into other dimensions, is a misunderstanding. Each and every one of you is not ready yet to move beyond the 3rd dimensional reality. Many have raised their frequencies to higher dimensional levels, but there are still many attachments and beliefs keeping you connected to the 3rd dimensional reality system.

As we move closer to many more portals being opened we only ask that you take advantage of these energies, without attachment and belief systems as to what these energies will bring to humanity as a whole.

At this moment the process of ascension is in your hands. It is not connected to the process of ascension of mother earth and will be handled as a completely separate process as the process itself is completely different at this time.

Mother earth knows what she needs to do at this time, and as she is working on her process, she needs the space to do this.

Yes some energies coming in will benefit her as well, this is why the energy is being sent to each and every place on earth, and it will surround the earth equally everywhere. There will not be one place on earth where the energy is going to be stronger or less. This is also to make sure that the ones that cannot travel have equal opportunity as we know many feel left out when it is said that you need to be at a certain place at a certain time, and not everyone has the opportunity to be there.

It has become too much of an elitist group system when people believe that the energy is going to be anchored in a certain place.

Yes there are many power places upon earth, all of them not fully activated at this time and they will not be fully activated as many have used these places in many different ways and what you tap into in those places is all of the ways they were used. Some actually will tap into their past lives experiences within those places as well and receive the energies from that time. Now each and every one of you can connect to these power places, being there in person does not make a difference, this is a belief system and attachment that can be released.

I do however remind you that many are dormant within the 3rd dimensional frequencies at this time. Sometimes even in the higher frequencies as many of these places were deactivated at one point in time. As well as some are still used by the control system.

Many of these places can be entered through higher dimensions and used for activations but remind yourself that these activations usually are not what is within the power place at this moment. Many of these activations are memories, experiences of what you have done in previous lifetimes and they are brought back into your awareness as you are recollecting, remembering and becoming a full expression of your whole being within spirit upon earth.

There is still so much to remember for all of you and this is why we keep on reminding you to have discernment, release attachments and belief systems.

Even when you have visions of what is happening on earth, at this moment or for the future, release any and all attachment as the reality is that everything is created within every moment. Having attachments or beliefs can influence you at every moment.

This is a journey on the path of ascension, and the journey at this time is more important than the outcome. As only the journey can guide you to the desired outcome. What the outcome is, is at this moment unknown for many, so focus on the journey and release the attachment to the outcome as well as what is supposed to happen within each moment of your journey.

New days will come and new days will go, some days can be important, others seem to be less important, if you can release the attachment to that you have already made a great leap forward on your journey.

Yes, there are days where we will make you aware of a new energy coming in, and we will try to explain to you what this energy might be able to assist you with.
None of them however will and can be the one and only that will create a shift within the consciousness of humanity. As the shift is created within all of you, it grows within all of you. The energies are there to support you.

The only way a shift can happen is if you make it happen.

As many at this moment some are disappointed by what they were told was going to happen, it is a good time to address that much of what you were told was influenced by what you wanted to see happen or what you think should have happened.

Each and every person has attachments to the outcome, and many that channel are letting themselves be influenced either by outside sources and/or by their own belief systems and attachments.

I am not excluding anyone, each channel and also each person that is reading the channeled messages has attachments and belief systems.

Some might say they have the right attachment or belief system, it does not matter.
There is no right or wrong.

Remember that creating a new reality is something that requires you to learn how to create, when to create and what it is you want to create.

This requires a deep search within and outside of you as your understanding can change in any moment of this search.

The reality you are in right now was not just created by others, you played your part within it and within you is the answer that can assist you in changing this reality.

I would like to end this message with the reminder that each person has their own path, their own experience, and their own way of expression.

Do not attach to the experience of others as each of you are within your own process as for each of you the process is going to be different as each of you have worked on this process of ascension, changing your reality and growing into a different awareness of reality.

There is not a predetermined process for each of you as you are following your own journey and as each person has their own journey, something that happens to others might not be on your journey.

Each of you are at different points within the journey, and attachments to where others are within their journey might prevent you from having the experiences needed within your own journey.

Each of you will experience in different ways, this is what it is all about.

Creating, experiencing, learning, expanding, each being will do this in their own special way, perfectly aligned within their own path and within their own journey.

It is not about what others have accomplished, it is about what you can accomplish.

Use the experiences of others to find your own way, you can use them as a guideline of possibilities, but find your own experience amongst those possibilities as you release every expectation to what the experience could be, allowing you to experience everything that will be.

This is your journey into oneness.

Through Petra Margolis
November 12, 2011

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