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Mastering Time Jennifer Hoffman

Mastering Time

We fear time and what it can do because we equate time with death, the ultimate end. Our fear is not with time itself, but with what time can do. So within everything we do, time becomes the factor we can't control, the ultimate end that will eventually catch up with us. When we're in a race against time, time usually wins because we see it as something we work against or that works against us. It is responsible for the deadlines we don't meet, the things we don't accomplish, the opportunities that pass us by. But what if time, like many other aspects of our reality, was an illusion that we could master? What would be possible for us if we were masters of time?

To master time we must be able to view it from the perspective of it working with and for us and one of many aspects of life and the third dimension that we can control because time is just another element of our reality. Time is an aspect of doing and from this perspective we will never be in control of time because we will never be able to 'do' enough. In today's 24x7 world, we seem to have too much to do and not enough time but how much of what we do is useful, aligned with our intention? Mastery of time begins when we align time and intention, which also aligns timing and outcome.

Today's world offers a wealth of life options and while many are possible, they are not all useful, effective or efficient uses of our energy. Time aligns with energy movement and the path of mastery asks us to consider all possibilities within the scope of what is aligned with our life purpose and highest good. What we find is when what we do is aligned with who we are, time moves in an effortless and easy flow towards outcome. Being in the flow happens when we are fully aligned, body, mind, emotions and spirit, with our intention and then we're in control of time.

Time is the movement of energy through density, so the more density we put into a situation, which includes meeting others' needs, expectation or fears about the outcome, the more we expand time and its effects, which also shrinks our options. Time is a factor if we empower it and it is irrelevant if we don't. Although time will occur in our life, how much it matters, what it can affect, and how long it lasts all depend on whether we have learned to master time. When we are 'being' ourselves, consciously intending our reality into being, focused on and in the present and fully aligned with our being and our truth, we have learned an important key to mastery and the limitations that time creates are no longer part of our reality.

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