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The Earth-Keeper 144- Vogel-PHI® Crystal and Excerpts from AA Metatron Channel

PHI Crystals - Atla-Ra Technology


The Earth-Keeper 144- Vogel-PHI® Crystal

The concept of the 144 Vogel Phi was first imaged by James Tyberonn in a dream. Tyberonn contacted a certified master cutter and had the first one made, after one year.

Question to Metatron: Is there a particular Phi Crystal form that is best suited to initiating the DNA activation?

Answer: "We will say that the 144 facet cut in phi resonance with the 51 degree base is extremely capable of facilitating both the DNA and Glandular crystallization required for the Mer-Ka-Na. The user should be aware that these are conscious 'precision instruments' that are not 'shelf' crystals nor toys.The 144- Crystal when used in tandem with the 'Dream Phi' offer extremely vast synergy to the savant user. These are activated when the user achieves the equivalent resonance to the point of infinite potential within the Heart itself, the reservoir of Love. We would say that, from our perspective, this is a creative and innovative device that amplifies and expresses the Love that you are, within the broad and complex Trfuth ofg the Science of Love (not the emotion). Indeed, by focal utilization the particular sacred geometric principles associated with this crystalline instrument can provide a far more conscious awareness and perhaps a more rapid experience of the activation that you seek. We would certainly recommend that each individual manifest this and program in love-intent their own intention for life. Those meant to have them will be able to manifest as such. But keep in mind, not all are ready, lacking the sufficent light quotient. Manifestation is then an intricate asp[ect of the 'Law of Attraction' in your paradigm, for you are Creators learning how to create, are you not?"...

What Defines the Earth-Keeper 144 Facet VOGEL-PHI Crystal?

To be considered a "Phi-Vogel" a crystal must be made of natural quartz and be cut with the Appropriate knowledge, permission, care, intent, and master-precision necessary to assure the Universal Crystalline Life Force is attracted, contained, amplified, and transmitted properly.

** The crystal must be highest grade, premium clarity natural quartz.
** The crystal must be prepared with the highest intent, skill, and understanding.
** The crystal must be doubly terminated with base angle of 51 degrees & 144 facets.
** The crystal has to be cut completely aligned with the C axis of the quartz crystal.

As mentioned, a crystal must be faceted not only with geometric precision along the "C" or growth axis, but must also be worked with right attitude and consciousness. It is not simply a matter of mechanically cutting the same general shape. Some of the best crystal and diamond cutters in the world from Germany attempt to reproduce the Vogel-cut® crystals with no success. Despite the similarity of appearance the energetic measurement of these crystals were not at all the same.

Unfortunately there is now a 'cottage industry' producing what is claimed to be 'Vogel-Like' crystals. Some of these even claim to be Vogels, they are not, and do not reproduce the coherency effect requisite. The angles and alignments are not precise, are inaccurate.

The form geometry of a Vogel Phi crystal creates a coherent field of energy that can act as a carrier wave of information whereas raw quartz does not.

Why is this important?

According to Marcel Vogel:

"This carrier wave must have a coherency to it so as not to mingle with the radiation's emitted from the target material but act now as the differentiation transport vehicle. The quartz crystal cut in the multi cylindrical -faceted pyramidal shape provides such an instrument."

In the case of offering "healing" service to another individual, the radiation emitted from the target material would refer to the difficulty, injury, or distress experienced by the client. The coherent light emitted from the Vogel® crystal is able to penetrate the often disparate radiant fields within and around a distressed individual. An incoherent energy is often dissipated if not completely absorbed by the chaotic field generated by the distress.

In an authentic Vogel-Phi Crystal the differing angles of the tips create a diode effect with the transmission of energy from one termination to the other.

With the field moving primarily in one direction the energy of an individual is reflected back to them through the crystal. By using a Vogel-cut® crystal a charge separation can occur. The "healer" is not affected by the client's field. This is one of the primary benefits of using a crystal rather than direct "hands-on" healing.

Beyond this, the most profound effect of the faceted crystal has to do with its relationship and resonance to water. A crystal that is faceted and tuned to the water molecule will hold a charge or information that when transferred to the body of person will link to the H2O molecule. This charge is stored within the inter lattice
space of the crystal. Because more than 75% of the physical body is water, the Vogel-Phi® crystal, with its resonance with water, is the perfect delivery mechanism for the introduction of subtle energies to an individual. It was also thought that the various subtle energy bodies described in metaphysical literature are gradations of a field that is anchored to the physical body via the water molecule.

The crystal is a quantum converter that is able to store and transmit energy in a form that has discreet biological effects. Our speculation is that because of the cohering capability of the Vogel-cut® crystal it can used to affect "reality" at the quantum or subatomic level. The imprint of thoughtforms or coding is stored on and within the particles or wave packets at the quantum level. This is most likely a resonant effect. The human body, on an energetic level, is an array of oscillating points that are layered and have a definite symmetry and structure at both the macro and micro dimensions.

The bones, tissues, cells, and fluids of the body have a definite crystallinity about them. The structure of the fluids, cells, and tissues of the body tend to become unstructured or incoherent when dis-ease or distress is present. The physical body is comprised of liquid crystal systems in the cell membranes, intercellular fluids as well as the larger structures such as the fatty tissues, muscular and nervous systems, lymph, blood, and so on. Through the use of an appropriately tuned crystal, to which these structures are responsive, balance and coherence can be restored by delivering the necessary "information" or energetic nutrients. This is the beginning of healing. This is the story of PHI Crystals, They are precision instruments that can be manifested when the seeker is ready.

Excerpts from AAMetatron Channel," The Alchemy of PHI Crystals" :

... Masters, crystals cut into sacred Phi angles are capable of many things, much of which are beyond the current understanding of the masses of humankind within polarity consciousness. You see these crystals exist above the spectrum of your visible light, well into the perceptual divisions of crystalline light within x-ray and ultraviolet. In so doing they exist in the eternal void or Multi-Dimensional Now source, beyond time sequence. As such they are time gates and can offer glimpses of realities both in your perceived past and future. As simply as I can explain it in understandable terms for you, your consciousness within planetary duality and 'flashing' continuum sequence is "divided" into linear time and probability parallel areas. The Now moment in the higher ultraviolet field is a crystalline unit which contains Universal Truth. When you are able to access that unit, you achieve the ability to expand that truth, and gain the control of your reality. So then Phi Crystals then are precision instruments of Arcturian-Pleiadean construct, representing the fabled Philosophers Stone that assist your consciousness into the unit of the Crystalline, Alchemical Moment of Now.

The 'Black Hole' Within Quartz - "Now, there are some interesting aspects related to certain crystalline forms that are only beginning to be understood by your scientist. Marcel Vogel correctly theorized that there were 'missing' silicon atoms in the quartz molecule (SiO2), in what was is now termed the 'Lattice Defect Theory'. There are in fact 'holes' that occur in the tetrahedronal pyramid of the quartz molecule, the missing component is silicon, and we tell you that space retains an energetic form that is capable of receiving and amplifying human intent. It is a 'black hole' of sorts that is a void space capable of receiving human energetic intent! That is why quartz and many other crystalline gems are capable of being 'programmed', and Dear ones, this is an important aspect of why these are particularly beneficial to you. Phi Crystals by their sacred geometric construct, emit a unique energy, a crystalline light. They change the vibration that affects the able user. They change the frequencies at which humanity's minds operate. Phi crystal receive human intent, and indeed intent creates an energy that is synergized and transformed through crystalline light and that embellished energy is capable of manifesting and reaches the heavens and earth, the inner and outer dimensions, you see?"

The variations of Phi Crystals are compatible with humanity. Some of them are compatible with the earth, some with the elemental and emotional worlds, others with the celestial realms. Some create frequencies that unlock ancient encodements, even as some (but not all) natural crystals do. Certain Phi's have past and future sequencing keys that open time and dimensional gates, but these are less understood in the present and many of these remain unutilized and locked. This knowledge is now available to the savant and focused adept. It will surface and offer itself as the individual user becomes capable of understanding the responsible usage of same.

Double Terminated 144 Facet Phi Crystal (Vogel): The 144 is the most potent of the available Phi Crystals. It is the energy of Thoth and the Field of Metatron. It connects to the Elohim level of the 12 squared, a key frequency for mankind's ascension. The 144 also directly connects to the 144 Crystalline Grid and Quantum Crystalline Field. It is very beneficial in achieving the advanced Mer-Ka-Na State to both the 20-Star Mer-Ka-Na and the 24-pointed star of Mer-Ka-Ra. It is the frequency of completion. It assists the union and harmony of all lifetimes created by the oversoul into the merged oneness of Mastery.

The 144 brings in all the rays and correlates to the Golden Ray of Omnipotence and the Diamond Frequency of the Unified Crystalline Field. The 144 is in itself a portal that enhances channeling and what may be termed celestial and dimensional travel. It is a 'contextual' portal, a time gate that can take one to the past, to the future, or even to another day within your present. It is a doorway into parallels. A contextual portal has the advantage of allowing you to experience an event horizon whether it is the thought vision of it or actually manifesting it into being and living it. In the contextual portal both are equally valid, equally tangible from an experiential context. It is Merlin's Wand, the Philosophers Stone of Alchemy. The 144 as well as all true-angled & axially aligned Vogels produce coherency that is capable of manifesting thought into reality. (End of Channelled Text )

Certified Vogel-PHI Crystals:

A natural crystal from the earth demonstrates the capacity for information storage, amplification, and transfer, but it is unable to cohere that energy. Coherence, the transfer of a single frequency or narrow band spectrum energy, is an important factor if the energy or information is to be stored or transferred while maintaining its integrity. Of equal importance is the fact that no two unfaceted crystals are the same and therefore they are incapable of producing the same precise effects. In the process of creating a meaningful technology it is important that the results obtained are able to be replicated by anyone with adequate skill and training. With the use of unfaceted crystals, these results are similar, but not the same. It is necessary to facet crystals into a precise geometric form in order for them to manifest their greatest potential. When quartz grows within the earth it must accommodate its growing environment and usually accretes to it many undesirable secondary vibrations. Physical manifestations of this might be a distorted geometric form, cracks, crevices, multiple secondary crystals growing on the surface of the primary crystal, and so on.

Although often aesthetically appealing this creates what might be thought of as a low signal to noise ratio. Once this "noise" or the unwanted secondary vibrations are removed there is a high signal to noise ratio or a clear, clean signal.This is accomplished through the correct and conscious faceting of the crystal. A precise, correct and conscious faceting of a quartz crystal allows it to become a precision tool for healing and meditation work. Rubies, for example, are faceted to make them useful for laser applications. Aluminum oxide chromium, ruby, is a rather unimpressive stone until it is faceted into a cylinder with Brewster windows so that light can be pumped into it and reflected internally so as to produce a coherent light - a laser.

The rubies used in this technology are synthetic primarily because of cost and the ability to control the purity of the crystal. The first shape created by Dr. Marcel Vogel was a four sided bi-pyramidal form. In 1974, the pattern for the crystal came to him intuitively, in dream, without any conscious understanding of the energetics of the form. It took one year of hard work in the glass shop at IBM for the crystal to be given shape. Unknowingly Marcel had created a form that was of the same configuration as the Kabalistic Tree of Life, although the crystal was a three dimensional representation of this sacred geometry.

Through intuitively guided efforts, an instrument of quartz crystal was created with which experimental results could be replicated. The faceted crystal has the ability to cohere energy, unlike its unfaceted predecessor. These crystals can be duplicated precisely so that multiple crystals can be tested. Each crystal must, however, meet the exacting specifications. A simple physical copy of a Vogel-cut® crystal does not necessarily meet the required standards. This can be determined through the use of the Omega 5, a psychotronic instrument used for measuring extremely subtle energies. Many people have found themselves in possession of an imitation of a Vogel-cut® crystal and wondered why it doesn't function as expected. Although similar in appearance, it is not at all the same precision instrument.

The two ends of the crystal are cut to specific angles. The more acute end, called the operating tip, is intuitively faceted to be in resonance with the individual for whom the crystal is being prepared while the more obtuse tip is shaped to have a specific fixed resonance to an aspect of the earth grid: the Cheops pyramid with the requisite 51:51 angle.


Vogel-Phi crystals are specially tuned quantum converters designed to assist in accessing and utilizing particular energies. The specific angle of the base tip is critical to creating a instrument that is in resonance with the water molecule and to the individual for whom the crystal is being prepared. Earth-Keeper Authentic Vogel-cut crystals are created from the absolute best quality natural raw quartz available. This raw material that we use is specifically and purposely from Brazil. It is part of the seed crystal of the sacred Atla-Ra Scientist-Priesthood of Poseida and the of the Law of One.

The faceting process can be thought of as "refining" the premium frequency crystal to function in a specific way in order to bring out its highest potential. The faceting is done with the permission of the crystal , not as an intrusion or violation. It is not appropriate to alter every crystal. For some their highest value is to remain in their natural form. This attitude is critical in the transformation of raw quartz into a Vogel® crystal. Since the early days the number of facets on the crystals has been increased from four sides to six, eight, twelve, thirteen, twenty four, and so. The greater the number of facets the greater is the potential energetic spin within the crystal. Each facet is like a mirror from which light can be reflected. One qualified cutter is able to produce Vogel with the requite angles and axial alignment up to 144 facets. These are astonishing.

Other Vogel Phi Cuts from Earth-Keeper are the 'Kamadon-Mer-Ki-Va" ' 13-20-33 , 12 Facet-Earth-Keeper ...and Trinity Cut Code Carrier - all with 51-51 Angles.

Large 144 Vogel -Phi ( Above)
Bottom 'Coherncy Charger' - 144 Vogel-Phi (Below)

Cerified Phi Vogels at the 11-11-11

A limited number of Certified authentic Vogel-Phi Crystals will be available at the 11-11-11 in the Earth-Keeper Store. . Only one cutter has the patented lapidary equipment and expertise to cut Vogel Phi with more than 33 facets. These are made with optic quality, premium natural quartz crystal. Certified Vogels are only available from 3 cutters. Cutting a Vogel-Phi is an intricate and extremely delicate process. Quartz has a very high cleavage and fracture index, and so the process of fashioning a Vogel-Phi requires great patience, hand eye coordination as well as a communicative harmonic relationship to the crystal itself.

The 144 and 13-20-33 Phi were channeled by Tyberonn, and both are cut by the one certified cutter capable of fashioning these. He used only highest quality, water clear optic quartz. This quartz alone occurs in less than 5% of the deposits. It is very expensive. For example a Phi-Vogel cut to six inches in length and 2 inches in width, requires a base water-clear premium, natural quartz crystal with a minimum size of 8.5 to 9.5 inches in length and a minimum of 4 inches in width. A Vogel Phi that is 8 to 9 inches in length and 3 to 4 inches in width requires a quartz point of 12 inches by 6 to 7 inches. These base crystals are extremely expensive especially in premium optic quality.

There is a breakage factor of about 20% to 25% in the fashioning & cutting process, in making the 'Kamadon Mer-Ki-Va',13-20-33, as the facets do not symmetrically align. It can be even higher in the 144's and 144 Dream Phi, and this is taken into consideration in the economics.

All true Vogel-Phi's are expensive relative to normal quartz, taking into consideration the quality of the base crystal, breakage rate, timely cutting process. Our authentic Vogel-Phi's are from 20 to 30 percent less expensive than other certified providers. We buy in volume to get as low a costs as possible, and pass these on as tools to those drawn to have one. But because of their rarity and only one cutter, the complexity of cutting, and the base crystal core expense, we are somewhat at the mercy of the rarity. Are mark up is lower because we do not have the overhead of a store or employees. We only sell Vogels at our live events, we prefer not to sell them online, because it is important to see them first hand. We are not 'motivated' by the sell, but rather the provision of such Atlantean & futuristic tools .

As such the abudnace exchanges offered are non negotiable, very fair, and we often have them on hand for long periods, until the right 'caretaker' comes along. They are truly more valuable than gold , and will never depreciate in value, although monetary terms is not the true value. The are priceless in their ability of transformation and amplification of thought and multidimensional openings.

They are not meant for everyone, but are astonishing tools in the hands of the sincere seeker & prepared metaphysician.

Many of the Atla Ra, Sacred Law of One are drawn to them. Tyberonn worked with them in Atlantis, as did our cutter.

These will be available on a "look but don't touch' basis at the 11-11-11. If you are a serious 'potential buyer, you may book s time to handle and hold one. We do this because we have had 3 of these broken in mishandling accidents at displays. The forward projection (male) point comes to a needle sharp point and we ask that this point never be touched.

We make these available because we fully believe and know of their unique and 'cutting edge' technology. Tyb has worked with them and channeled about them for over 15 years. He channeled the two main cuts we offer. We assure you our mark-up is very low and very reasonable, and our prices are much less than any other distributor. But these are instruments meant to be utilized for those that recognize and understand them. They are not for everyone.

Our prices run from $144 to over $5000, depending on cut complexity and size. The one person that makes these is now in his early 60's and although healthy, may be retiring in 2 years, and there is no 'apprentice in training' to replace him... he cannot be replaced. He is an incredible Crystal Master, and channels Marcel Vogel. Once he retires these will no longer be available, for decades or more.

Blessings, Anne

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