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Isis on, mother, father, child, teacher, student.

Isis on, mother, father, child, teacher, student.

As you are incarnating on earth you have been everything.
You are each and every one of them.

Many see the earth as their mother as she has supported you in so many ways.

Religion has taught many there is a father in heaven.

As you have grown more and more into a spiritual awareness, you see you carry these aspects within you.

Heaven is something that is carried within you.

There is no heaven outside of you, as everything is within you.
Everything is being translated through the human mind, the human understanding.

It is all seen from a human perspective.

The universe you are in is an immense space, the cosmos that your universe resides in is even bigger.

This would also mean there is no father in heaven, and the earth is not really your mother.

The name Mother is being used for the earth as a form of respect.

Heaven is just another name for the higher dimensions as you cannot see them at the moment, once you can see them, you will see there is no heaven, each and every dimension is within the same place that you exist in within this moment. All you have to do is raise your frequency, raise your awareness, and open up your mind to allow yourself to experience these dimensions.

There is so much beyond your reality, a whole new world that will make your earth reality look small.
This doesn't mean the earth reality is not important, it is of great importance as the creation begins within every being.
But a greater understanding will allow you to create in different ways, allows you to create on a greater level.

Many have not seen beyond the earth reality, or have seen glimpses of these other places. Once you open up your awareness and allow for a greater understanding these places will become more available and you will be able to see more and more, until at one point you will see it all simultaneously while being on earth and being in spirit.

This is what we talk about when we talk about ascension in many ways.

Ascending up through the dimensions, ascending up through the frequencies, ascending up within your own being. But as you are ascending in so many different ways, remember to bring this down into the human experience, the human mind.

As this is where you can reach the completion of ascension for the human part of you.

You will always be ascending and descending as this is part of every experience at most times. Within the earth reality this has happened many times through many different life times that you have spent upon earth. Now in this moment, it is time once more to follow the process of ascension, by many it is called Cosmic Ascension.

A word that describes what happens when you reach that level of ascension for the human part of you.

You will be able to see the cosmos, be within the cosmos and become the cosmic experience of your whole being.
It takes it so much further than just creating the new earth reality, and this is the path of many that are awake or are still waking up to this path of ascension.

Many are being diverted by just what is happening within the moment, or/and how it makes them feel within that moment. Nothing can compare to full awareness at all levels of your being as this is what brings completion on every level of your being.

Your human understands at this point only a small part of what is within you and outside of you. This is why we openly speak about expanding your awareness, raising your frequencies to higher levels. By this we do not mean discard the lower frequencies. As you discard the lower frequencies you will not be able to bring this awareness into the human understanding.

Be within everything, become everything.

Through Petra Margolis
November 3, 2011

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