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Janosh Art new code refinement, victim role, time speeding up, ascension

Those of you who are familiar with my work, know that each hologram has an impact on a specific part of our subconscious. I call them codes, because they help you to decipher hidden knowledge within yourself. Each code consists of information in the form of a frequency. In other words: an energy vibration that resonates with our feeling. In my columns – related to the latest code - I explain my experiences associated with receiving these frequencies. Everymonth I discuss the one that is currently the strongest, and give my opinion about our development within this theme.

I like to keep it simple

Much has been said and written about our current evolutionary process. The Internet is full of information on spirituality, energy, submission, etc. Thousands of tips on how you can live more consciously and get more out of yourself. Ways to meditate and to approach your Higher Self. I offer my contribution as well by the comprehension of my columns and workshops. Read them and you will have a whole book of details: explanation of geometry, self-reflection, awakening. Browse through it and you will constantly see the year 2012 returning as well as abstract conceptions like energy shift, earth frequencies, masculine and feminine energy, side effects of the awakening process and so on. It is a significant effort to save and understand everything. Spirituality has become a whole study of ever-changing themes and expanded modules.

It is enough to make you tired, no? All the time these profound spiritual wisdoms to drag along to the next station. So, I myself notice how I now need to ensure not to want to share too much, but to keep spreading the essence of my codes. Words have a message that may not invalidate the energy. We see and read enough and there is a limit to what we can remember. That is why I want to keep it nice and simple this month. That’s, after all, what we like the most...

A short story

Let me start with a small reference to last month. In this column you can read about my meeting with a female shaman in Altai (Siberia). She told me that the vibrations that are reaching Earth now, aim to free us from our inner struggle. A ray of strong vibrations washes away our limiting patterns and allows us to get out of the shower cleansed. Everything we wrestle with - pain, sorrow, fear, doubt, addiction, guilt, trauma and karma - we may let go of at once and dump it at the refuse tip. For good. How nice, you might say.

Secretly I now have a little laugh. I'm so used to thinking in pictures, that these often pop up straight away in my mind. As I write this, I let my imagination go. In a kind of cartoon strip I can see for myself how this process should do its work. Let me summarize it in a short story:

"An angel is sent to Earth. He is instructed to go from door to door to pick up negative patterns from the people. When he knocks at the first door, he says: "Hi, I'm collecting restrictions. Can I come in?" The angel is admitted and goes straight for his goal. He sees several jars standing there with labels like 'guilt','fear of rejection’ and ‘lack of self esteem'. He opens a bag and puts the jars in. Even before he walks out of the door, he is stopped by the resident. "Hey, where do you think you are going with these jars?", he asks angrily. "Those are mine. I've had them all my life and I want you to leave them here!" The angel looks at him, confused. "Do you not want to get rid of them?" Then the resident says: "No. I collect them in order to be able to exchange them for the answer to who I am."

Anyway, just a thought with a funny angle. However, this is not far from the truth. We spend fortunes to all kinds of workshops and tools in the hope that we get the answer to just one question: Who am I? Now when we can surrender everything, we do not dare. It takes away the drama to which we have become attached to.

The victim role

When I look around, it amazes me how many bottles of drama we have collected. If we want, we could easily take distance, but the role of the victim is something we like to keep playing. We are so good at it, we would win an Oscar. Let me start by saying that I once was apt to do that myself (that’s why I dare to write about). I was often too lazy in my process of change. Choosing drama was just easier. If you always have something to complain about, you also have reason to get help from someone else. Personal attention feels nice. However, by looking for answers outside of myself, I postponed my growth and in retrospect there was no need to. With every workshop that I participated in and every book I read I created new questions for myself. In that way the famous: ‘Who am I?', got many ramifications, 'Why do I live? What is my karma? How do I get loose from my limitations? Where does my challenge lie? Whatis good and what is wrong.' I made it even more complicated.

Meanwhile, I secretly hoped that the redeeming answers would come naturally, but they did not. With each step in my quest, I expanded my drama even further. Meanwhile I found out that searching yields nothing. Therefore I would like to tell you that if you actually stop acting, let go of drama, and show yourself, suddenly the world will become very different. You realize how hard you have been on yourself by not trusting your own strength. Once again I repeat: we can do much more than we think is possible!

This is our time. We can release everything all at once. There is nothing more to do - just go with the flow and everything will be solved. Decide for yourself that from now on negative patterns will no longer affect you. Wrap all your old fears, insecurities and addictions, put a ribbon around it and give it in your mind to the angel. Cut the rubber band that holds you back and launch yourself into the New Era...

Time is speeding up

The New Era. Last week this was the central theme of the activation day we organized in the new Inspirience Centre. I explained this using the TUN calendar, in which the Mayans predicted October 28, 2011 to be the date of completion. On this date we have had a significant energy boost, and from now on we may grow together into the Awareness of Oneness of 2012. I do not want to dwell too much here (in the beginning I promised to keep it simple), but I just would like to thank everyone for his and her surrender. They were very deep activations with a high energy, which certainly had its effect. So I was very impressed with the finale when everyone jumped off their seats with a powerful "I Am!" Beautiful to see and my compliments to you all!

During this presentation I also deliberately repeated the feeling of what we all recognize: time seems to go faster. We're on a roller coaster with strange twists and while we hold the brackets firmly, the days seem to fly by. I feel just the same. I have spent the past months on different projects and felt the pressure as a hot breath on my neck. Also, there are people around me complaining. They stop, coughing up their frustrations and running on again, because: "Oh help! The clock is ticking!"

What I noticed recently is that whilst running, we completely pass each other unnoticed. We share almost nothing, at least, not what is really on our minds. In solitude we fight alone through repeating patterns, because we do not want to be a 'nuisance'. So we continue to live in separation, and that worries me a bit. On October 28, I encouraged people to strive for oneness, but when we all go home to meditate in a dark room, things don’t go anywhere in my opinion.

Everythingis interconnected

As my guide Saïe says: "All is one and interconnected. You are all souls who feel, think, play and experience the same way. You have the same fears and insecurities, just the way you handle them is different. You all live in the same universe, on the same Earth, and so you sit in the same frequencies that generates the same to all."

It sounds so logical, so clear. I can fully second that. So even though we know this, why is it so difficult for us to get out of this feeling? Why do we stow away our fears and show a face that does not correspond with who we are? Is the rejection so painful that we want to avoid it at all costs? I kept considering these questions for a while. I couldn’t exactly put my finger on the reason why we would rather suffer in silence than grow together.

I wonder if our process is going well or are we just slowing it down. Personally I still believe that vulnerability is a force. Acknowledging your feelings makes you stronger. It is not 'weak' to say you're afraid of something, but just brave to frankly admit it. It shows people around you who you really are and what is going on inside. The same goes for speaking your passion. For another it may perhaps be totally unrealistic to see you on the cover of a book, or to be seen singing or dancing standing on a stage before hundreds of people or to know you are going out to make a world tour, but understand: they don’t have to do it! It is your ultimate goal, your life and how can it hurt to just share it?

Refinement of the Ascension process

Unfortunately the story is not quite true. You cannot share everything with everyone, so I really have to rephrase my question. How can we break down our patterns of isolation? Until last week, I did not understand very much about this. In what way are we able to conceal our true being, is beyond me. It is not what I do. My work is who I am. What I do, I do because it's my passion. From experience I can tell you that in that way limiting patterns tend to disappear. You're not doing it because you have to, but merely because you enjoy doing it. Every day is a party and each party is too short. Okay, given that we all have our pitfalls. We know them through and through, but still we do not reach a final turning point. Why not? Why are there still so many people who do not take their passion seriously? I just do not understand.

Until I suddenly received the inspiration for my new code Refinement. I began to see how our awareness process actually passes by. This has side effects that you can feel in forms of fear, doubt, irritation, fatigue and lethargy. Feelings we all recognize. They are repeating patterns that imprison you with questions like: "Why is this happening to me? Where is this going? What is the reason I'm here?" Do not worry: this is part of our development. Furthermore, the end is near, just a last final intensive phase which awaits us.

What we are experiencing now is our Ascension process, i.e.: the rising of our overall frequency. This process has a wave of periods of intense activity followed by a desire for isolation. It is as if you download documents with new insights, after which you just withdraw to read. What matters now is to refine this process, otherwise we get lost in our quest and are overwhelmed by the show. Geometry can help, by increasing the ‘download speed’ and reduce side effects. So you can go quickly through the stages of isolation and make a new step in the process. These are the instructions for the code Refinement.

The limit of your responsibility

To get back to how I started: I like to keep it simple. The Earth is changing, the energy changes and we find ourselves in the flow. You can read about it endlessly, attend countless lectures, but the best way is to just use the flow. Find your passion, embrace it and create the impossible for yourself. The unknown is not scary, but exciting! Nobody said it would be easy, because one needs courage to find one’s own path. When you surrender, a whole new world opens up. Then you are carried; and I can confirm this. Along the way, you probably will be thwarted by rejections and totally discouraged, but that is okay. It's all in the game. As a forerunner you feel and experience things that have not been picked up yet by your surroundings. Fair is fair: you will experience rejection sooner or later anyway, so you can better be prepared. Are you not understood, let it go. There's nothing to understand, because only you know how it is. This afternoon I read a wonderful quote on the Internet that connects:

"I am responsible for what I say, not for how it is understood."

It is really that simple. This is something that I had to learn too. I often tell the story about my biggest fear of being rejected. And what do I do? I am standing in front of a group! How big do you want to have it on the wall?! During my first presentation the sweat poured out from all my glands. I wasn’t myself, thought I would drip off the stage, but as you can see, I rose above it and now almost every week I have a full house - needless to say without fear! After eight years of this work, there is one thing I learned: I do not have to convince my audience. I am Janosh, my art is my passion and my work is meant to inspire. I offer tools to accelerate our growth, but I am not responsible for what it is done with. You also do not see Steven Spielberg walking into the theater to ask whether everyone approves his new film. So why would I do that, and why should you, on your part, have to answer for your own passion?

What is important (and I often forget to say), is the occasional detachment from the situation. Just silence, nothing. Take regularly - it need not be long - a time-out for reflection. Just observe yourself from a distance. During the coming times it is important to process the new insights you acquire. All answers are saved within ourselves and are activated by the new frequencies. Searching outside of yourself does not make sense anymore. You have to undergo and gradually refine Ascension. This means you need to understand that every action you take, requires a period of rest. You are in a wave of downloading and processing. Simpler than that I cannot explain...

Activation February 24, 2012

Finally, some information about what’s happening soon. There are some dates of bursts of energy in which the earth frequencies are very high. As from October 28, 2011, the frequency of Awareness of Oneness is active, running until February 24, 2012. On that date we take the step towards our Process of Ascension, where we may finally let go of everything that no longer serves a purpose. To accompany this powerful transfer of energy, I will organize, on this important day, a major activation in the Media Plaza in Utrecht. I will explain how to refine the growth to a higher consciousness.

As an extra in the evening, there will be a special performance of the music group Shirai, from Barcelona, Spain. Worldwide they are the best performers in terms of singing bowls. If you want to be there, book now tickets in advance.

For now I wish you much inspiration and hope to see you this month.

Heart to heart,


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