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Awareness is all that counts. Ascended Masters

Awareness is all that counts.

As we see the changes within all of you, we see that changes upon earth and within your universe.

The time ahead speaks of a great shift within the human consciousness, awareness and this is what is created by all of you.

As you are creating this awareness as a human, letting yourself be guided by the many beings outside of you, the reality that you are creating is that all that is need is most of the time beyond your limits, just outside of you.
You have created a reality where you are becoming more and more aware, but as you become aware you forget to incorporate the knowing that comes with awareness into the human mind and heart.

The knowing that comes from within, does not come through the mind or the heart, it comes through your awareness, through every part of you being that is there to connect with you.

As you are trying to find the answers as to why, how and what this human reality means, you are ignoring many parts of your being that can give you the answers, not just to these simple questions but to the more difficult questions.

You will not find the answers within the human reality that you created as the human reality is just a small part of your being.

Asking questions within your own being is much needed, but many of you are asking the questions from an emotional based state, as you are still very much attached to a world where duality is played within every moment.
As you ask many of your questions you are letting yourself be guided by many parts within you that all have an answer, but the only right answer is to be found at the deepest point within you, the one part of you where stillness becomes knowing.

You are letting yourself be guided by the human emotion that is only part of your human reality, as you are ignoring the parts of you that are beyond the human reality and can give you the guidance from the point of stillness where the human emotion is nothing more than the wind blowing through your hair.

The guidance you are receiving is being filtered through the human emotion and translated through the human emotion at most times.

There are also many who have placed their trust with beings that know your human emotion is what is guiding you and there message is only meant for you to become more enthralled within the human emotion.

Within the human world, and outside you human world, there is so much more than what many of you can see at this moment.

For those who have seen more, the world outside of the human becomes either a solution or a refuge that can take you out of the human reality.

Awareness is however not just a place for escape, it is a place of understanding.

Moving out of the earth reality cannot be do done by awareness alone, but awareness can bring you many answers that will return to you the memories as to why you are here and what your path is beyond the human reality.

Within the human reality emotions are directed through duality experiences and duality experiences are what creates emotions within the human reality.

The reality within the human is based on the experience of the emotions guiding you on your path.

As you are becoming more aware the reality is that the mind and heart become one, the oneness within heart and mind becomes part of your awareness.

While this is happening you have a choice to move out of the duality experience, that is controlled through the emotions within the human.

Allowing your awareness to become what guides you.
Now within the human reality there are many things to consider and awareness of what is reality for the human is very much part of the process of moving beyond the duality that is created through the emotional experience of the human.

The place of discernment is not only within the heart or the mind, it is within the awareness of your being on every level.

What you see as a reality, a reality where duality plays the largest role possible, is nothing but a mere creation of your own being for you to experience everything within the oneness up to the most minute levels possible.

With that, you have to see the reality created as something that cannot be undone as it is a part of you, at this moment the reality of the human plays a large role in what you are about to accomplish.

Awareness within this reality upon earth is needed on every level to accomplish what you are about to do for your earth reality.

This means awareness about everything, also meaning knowing that what you are seeing can be translated by your human into what is real and what is not.

To see the truth behind all that is clouding your awareness at this moment, as most have not yet completed the work needed to see the full truth within.
The reliance upon others is something that can be of service in many ways, but as you use the reliance upon others you need to do the work to find the point of stillness within that can give you the knowing needed to move into full awareness.

For many of you, it has been the support provided by other beings that has kept you going all this time, and you have become reliant upon that support for upliftment, and that support has become part of your awareness.

You are using the awareness of others to find the reality that can only be found within you.

Any and all support should be used to discern, to open your awareness and to reach deep within yourself to find the point of stillness.

It is a time to share with others as well as a time to find more of the truth together as the time is now to start preparing yourself fully for the ascension of the earth.
Awareness is needed from many of you, but it is all your free choice to take up the responsibility of your awareness as no one is able to take up that part of your awareness.

As you are becoming more aware, you carry a responsibility to bring that awareness outward, but only if you can do this without the limitations of the human emotional guidance.

Awareness is not guided by emotions, it is guided by truth.

And that truth needs to be found within the point of stillness, deep within you. The one point that is not guided by emotions, it just is.

Yes we are aware of the many questions and we will move forward and try to answer as many as possible within your own being as asked. But we are limited as you have not yet reached that point of stillness where you can understand all the answers that are within you.
This world on earth is more than just one world and it has many complicated histories that are at this moment brought back into your reality.

Much of what you know of now, will become more expanded as your awareness becomes more open to bring through the information within you.

Awareness is needed on all levels, within every situation either upon earth or outside of your earth reality.

Awareness from that point of stillness within your own being.

Realizing that there is something behind all that you have experienced and know to be your reality of truth at this moment.

Everything that you are looking for is within you, as it is within all others, as you are all one.

Through Petra Margolis
November 28, 2011

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