7 Kasım 2011 Pazartesi

brainwaves - ashtar on the road CDs

We are welcoming in the most joyful of holiday seasons. This is truly a time to celebrate, and to nurture ourselves and our loved ones with gifts of high vibration!

We offer these CD's of brain and heart-balancing energies from Estaryia Venus. Listening as little as 10 minutes during the day, or an hour at night while you sleep, helps to keep a state of balance while surfing the energies of change.

Beta Gives Focus
In a balanced Beta state, the mind is alert and can generate and process ideas quickly. This active, aware and full-attention state, makes analyzing and organizing information easy.

Alpha Gives Connection
By bringing our brainwaves into the Alpha state, we can slip easily into relaxation and connection with the Earth, the first entry door into higher states of consciousness and connection with one's higher self - giving deep clarity and feelings of peace & connection. This puts the body into a state where it can release the stress hormones and you can enter into effortless meditation where creativity can flow!

Theta Gives Peace
Theta brainwaves take us deeper into relaxation where we have enhanced receptivity to creative insights and information beyond our normal conscious awareness. It is the brainwave state we are naturally in just before falling asleep and upon waking and it is considered to be a doorway into super-learning, dream recall, self-hypnosis, increased memory and reprogramming the mind.

Delta Gives Healing
Delta is our deepest brain state, the place where we recharge and rejuvenate our body and mind. During Delta wave activity, the body increases its production of Human Growth Hormone, which plays a vital role in healing and regeneration, and cortisol is released so the body can repair itself.

These CD's are individually priced at $18,
or you can purchase all 4 for $64

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