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Ascended Masters The 24 Elohim.

The 24 Elohim.

I have received information about the Elohim before starting about 2 years ago.

The last one I received was when they were called the Ane Hi Yar, or the frequency changers.

You can read that message here

As it seems to be time for an update and there is a need for more knowledge as far as many are looking toward god, or creator gods I have asked them to give us more of an understanding of their role within the ascension process of earth, but also ourselves.

As last time I received the message in a different way, I now asked the Elohim specifically for their knowledge and guidance about them and the earth.

We are the 24 Elohim,

We are all within a group consciousness within spirit, as we are also incarnated upon earth. You will not recognize us, as we are amongst you to be of service to earth as her ascension process is why we are here.

We are seen as the creator gods, we are not.

Your universe was created at a moment in time where many were involved that were in need of a new experience.

We have been advisors for this experience, but not just us, as there are many groups involved in advising and creating a new reality.

Your universe was already present at that moment and with all planets and beings involved the reality of earth was created within a dimensional limitation.

This was not the first creation thought as many beings were already upon earth, this is where part of your memories have come from.

As within all universes, creation changes and sometimes it is needed to make a full complete change.

This was done by creating the dimensional reality and the illusion of the physical reality within those dimensions.

This is a short overview, as the creation of your reality was accomplished over a period of many years within the earthly timeline.

Adjustments were made over time as the need grew for all to experience even more physical limitations, as well as it seemed that by moving into the dimensional reality and the effect of it on the spiritual reality, many became deeper and more attached to living within the physical reality. losing their connection to the spiritual reality all together.

This was discussed many times as the ones incarnating would leave their physical body and move back into their spiritual selves.

All beings that were incarnating upon earth have always had free choice and were fully informed about the process of becoming completely disconnected from their spiritual being when they would decide to move into your earth reality.

In the beginning there was the opportunity to move out of the cycle of incarnation as the spiritual parts were not completely attached to the physical world. The physical world was not as dense as it is at this time.

When the realization set in that the attachment to the physical world was becoming more and more the reality for all that were incarnating, even while they would return to their being in spirit. Many decided to take the experience and learning process that was available and fully emerged themselves into the physical reality upon earth.

There have always been advisors and guidance as far as when these beings moved into their spiritual reality, but they were not able to fully move into their spiritual being during the time between incarnations, so groups were put together to give them guidance on those levels of their being.

Guidance and advice could only be given on those levels of their being.

Before deciding to move fully into the physical reality of incarnation within physical bodies, a plan was created to allow for return to the full awareness of their spiritual being.

This plan was created within the original flow of your universe within the cosmic flow. You see this flow within the yugas.

There would be beings that would incarnate upon earth with full consciousness to assist all beings upon earth from the earth level, as well as beings that would assist them on the spiritual level in between incarnations.

Sometimes the ones incarnating would make themselves known, other times they would just work within the frequencies within the dimensions.

We, the Elohim, have always been the frequency changers, although some of us have had very well-known lives upon earth.

There are many others out there involved in the process of awakening.

At this moment in time we have arrived once again at the process of ascending the earth. We have been at this moment before and just like everything within your world, it does not always work out the way we had in mind so to speak.

There are many different groups involved in this creation within your universe and we do not all work together, just like within many other universes.

Much time has passed in the earth time line, and many adjustments have been made by us, but also by others who felt a different plan was needed, or different adjustments were needed, either for their own process or their own control of the process.

Many beings incarnating upon earth have returned to a point where in between incarnations they are almost fully reconnected within their being within spirit, and everyone has been involved at all times in the decisions that were made.

As we follow the natural flow of the source energies, the cosmic energy. We are now once again at a moment of shifting within the dimensional realities upon earth. This shift is created by the flow of energy outside of your universe, but also by the flow of energy that is within your universe.

At certain specific moments, both flows come together to create the zero point as you might call it.

This is the moment where the change can become full reality, instead of partial as the zero point allows for a complete change, and within the flows we can only make partial changes.

This is where many will assist in the ascension of the earth, and many will follow the ascension of the earth.
Yes we are all incarnated and we have the codings needed for a certain part of this process, as we are incarnated with a full connection to our being in spirit.

We know it is the time of understanding as we come closer to the ascension of earth, and we will be more readily available for those that wish to understand.

As there are more groups involved, there will be more groups that will come to your attention. For those of you willing to understand the process of ascension we will guide and assist if needed, but all you really need is to connect within your own complete being to find the answers.

The 24 Elohim
Through Petra Margolis
November 21, 2011

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