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Salusa, November 11, 2011the ascension of earth.

Salusa, November 11, 2011the ascension of earth.

First I would like to address a couple of subjects that are dear to my heart.

I have seen the expression of some as I thanked my channel for her willingness to give a message from me to all of you.

Many are thanking us at times at the end of their channeled message and this is being placed within the message. Does that mean I am full of ego as I allow it to be within the message?

Many will say no, but seem to consider it ego from the channel when I ask for these couple of lines being places within the message as I am really thankful.

Yes she was honest about her feelings and very hesitant about bringing out a message that completely differs from all other messages you see out there.

Some actually took it to the very limits against all of what I have been teaching and attacked her outright, not just with words, but with energy attacks and she spent most of her day fighting of these attacks. She did not complain and just did it, as she is used to this and knows this can happen. Many are not aware of what they are sending out within the energies and have no conscious awareness of what it does to another person.

My intention is to be very honest with you and tell you that many messages out there are being translated to what the channels belief system can agree to.

This does not mean there is no truth in the message and that I am saying they are bad channels, I am saying that many channels still have attachments, just like this channel has certain attachments. The channels are willing to give our messages and we are very grateful for that at all times.

Being a channel does not mean you have nothing to learn, it also does not mean that the information you are receiving is appropriate for each person out there.
Being a channel means you have a responsibility to find out if there are any of your own belief systems and attachment weaved into the message.

I do not see any person at this moment that does not have attachments or belief systems in one way or the other.

This is something that is not usually discussed and is something that many who do channel do not want to hear. But as you are all moving further up in the energies it is time to address this.

Yes you carry a responsibility towards others as you bring out the messages to the public, if you would channel just for your own information and leave it at that, then it becomes different. At this time however where we see more and more able to channel and willing to bring the messages to a greater audience, we do need to address this.

It is also very important for each of you as a reader but also as a channel to understand that the information within the message is based upon the level of understanding of the channel and the audience.

As the channel grows and is open to receive the messages can and will change. If the channel does not release attachments and belief system and in this way does not open his or herself up to receive a greater understanding, the messages will not change but will be mostly a repeat of what has been said before.

Now the channel will receive many messages and can ask at any time for a more clear understanding about their own path and what is happening on earth.

As each channel also reads other channels, some of the translation will be done through what they have already read and know within their mind as this is where the translation of energy takes place.

As you receive any messages there has to be some understanding within the channel of what the message is about, as this allows for a more accurate translation of the energy.

This is why I am at this moment talking about the subject of channeling, as more and more are ready and/or are getting ready to channel.

We are open to every channel no matter what their level of understanding is at that moment in time, we are grateful that more and more are opening up at this time. As channeling is the pathway to your inner connection and we expect that at one point you find that inner connection.

Once you have found that inner connection within it does not mean you cannot channel anymore messages, it means that you have a greater clarity and understanding as you translate the message.

Having more understanding allows for more clarity and more accurate messages as this is of great importance at this time where more and more are awakening to the possibilities and choices that are available.

Now as I have talked about this, I would like to mention that we are not all knowing.

I am not all knowing, and no other being is all knowing as the energies are flowing at all times, new creations are taking place and there is always something to learn.

We are all beings within the oneness and we all express within that oneness in many different ways. And within that oneness we all learn in many different ways.
Just something I wanted to express and have written down.

Now we can move on to the reality at hand.

The process that is occurring on earth is mostly a new process each and every one of you is going through and we do not have a full experience or understanding of what can or might happen. Planets have ascended before, humans have ascended before.

Never before have we ascended an entire planet with physical life upon it.

As the earth's ascension process is one of great importance to us, and her ascension is a much anticipated event not just within your universe but way beyond. This process is well underway and we have an almost complete idea of how to assist within this process as we have stood here before many, many years ago within you earth time.

At that moment we could not proceed as many humans were not ready and there was some interference we were not able to stop.

At this moment we will not let anything interfere as mother earth has offered herself in order to stay present for all that live upon her.

Each and every being that is incarnated upon earth knows this consciously and/or unconsciously.
The choice available for each human is to either move into the 5th dimensional frequency new earth reality, or move beyond this within the many possibilities that are available if they work on it while they are upon earth at this time.

Some have chosen to take it one step further and move completely out of the incarnation cycle and return to their full source being, but this means they will have to integrate their full source being upon earth first. Become their full source being or to say it in other words become the full expression of their entire being upon earth within the physical 3rd dimensional reality.

So yes for many it will be sort of a free ride as each and every being that has chosen to do so will move into the 5th dimensional reality. This is still a physical reality but the difference will be that there will be more and easier access to the spiritual reality.

But that doesn't mean there is no work to do for those that have chosen to serve at this time. Many are on this path to serve, and their mission is to create and be part of creating this new earth reality, but also to assist in opening the ascension portal needed for mother earth.

This ascension portal is also of great importance for you all as humans as this is what will move you into the 5th dimensional frequency. Or even beyond as some might choose to move further into the higher realms to advance from there.

This can however only be done if you have integrated those parts of you that can support you into moving into those higher realms.

And of course we have the ones that go for complete or cosmic ascension all the way.

They are the ones that will be holding the energies for the portal as they will also be holding the energy of all humans and lift them up through the portal, as many are still within a 3rd dimensional frequency.

Now this is what was agreed to before each human came into this incarnation upon earth, so lifting all of these humans up into a higher frequency will not be against their free will.

Of course this agreement can be changed at any time.
The choice at this moment available for all of you is moving into the 5th dimension, or working on your frequencies and integration of part of your spiritual being and move beyond the 5th dimension, and the final choice is to go all the way and complete the process of full or cosmic ascension and become the full expression of your entire being upon earth within the 3rd dimension before the portal opens.

Now as the energies are changing upon earth the processes of ascension are different in many ways compared to years ago, even only as little as one year ago or even last month.

The energies are becoming more supportive as we are moving into a new cycle of ascending and descending and the energy is building up to that point.

This is what allows you to make the choice and complete ascension all the way and complete it within a shorter amount of time than before. Many that are on this path have worked on this in previous lifetimes and do know part of the process already.

I will leave for now as I think I have said enough to make you think about your choice and what you would like to accomplish in this life time.

I will return through this channel and many other channels when asked or when I think it is needed.

Through Petra Margolis
November 11, 2011

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