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Kuthumi, Are You Ready?

Are you ready to enter the portal opening of 11-11-11?

Are you ready to receive the energies and connect with many parts of your being and receive the knowledge that was hidden from you for a long time?

As you ask yourself these questions, we would like to remind you that much of it is dependent upon how much you have raised your frequencies, have you been diligent in raising your frequencies and anchoring them within the physical body.

Have you worked on channeling and understanding the higher parts of your being in a way that you can translate into the human mind the knowledge that will become or is already available within?

We are not talking about the intermediate instances of the Aha moment.

We are talking about full-time understanding, 24 hours a day of what is happening within the physical reality and the spiritual reality.

How much do you know about the energy bodies connected to the physical body?

How many of you can read your own energy bodies?
These are the basics of understanding, as the energy bodies connected to the physical body are less complicated than the energies bodies that are still within spirit.

Have you cleared all your chakras? What do you know about your chakras if they are not cleared and can you read them if they are in need of clearing to find out what is needed to clear them?

How many times have you said no and how many times have you said yes to answer these questions?

This is just the beginning, but I will not ask all other questions as this is already a good example of what you really know.

Depending upon your path and choice, you can either work on this yourself or ask for assistance from others.
There are many energy workers out there that can clear your physical energy bodies and clear you chakras.

When it comes to higher parts of you, you are going to need energy workers that have a greater understanding of the higher frequencies.

If you are going to work on this yourself, it is going to be up to you to do the work, and this is where we are asking you if you are serious about this.

Are you really serious about what you would like to see as changes within the physical reality?

Are you ready to really work on yourself, to really reach that understanding, even if it begins with just a basic understanding and ability to read the energies on the physical level?

Many of you see this as something that is not needed, as the energies will automatically do it for you.

But how do you know this to be the truth? Many are not able to see it for themselves. If you are not able to see for yourself, how do you know if it actually being done.
But you are feeling so much better, you have changed, you have become a different being.

Remember the control system as it brought in fear and many of you have worked hard to release this fear. What if the control system is now sending you this so called feel good feeling? How would you know the difference as you are not able to see the difference within the energy within you?

We are not saying it is not the effect of the energies coming in, we are asking you to become more aware and find a greater understanding of what is happening at this moment and all moments to come.

New information is being released and each person receives it on their level of understanding, but it is up to you to find a greater level of understanding as well.

See it as making a movie, when you go to the movies you see the end result of many people working together under one director. Now you might like the movie, or just parts of the movie, or you might not like the movie.

What if you were the director of the movie, what would you change, how would you do it. How would you direct all those people to make the movie that you would like to see?

This is sort of how your physical life and spiritual life will come together, you are the director, and the people are your spiritual parts, your energy bodies and many other aspects of yourself. To bring this movie into the human reality you need the human to direct all those parts of your being.

To do this you have to have to have the knowledge of who these parts are, what they can do and know how to bring them all together on the same page to create your own movie within the physical reality.

The greatest challenge of all times is creating your own reality within the reality of all that is around you.

If you need help, ask for it, there are many out there that can assist and guide you within the spiritual world and physical world.

Do not be afraid to ask and receive.

This is where many are stuck as well as they say that they can find everything within them. Many are not able to receive the help as they think that is not the right thing to do. But you are receiving at all times, you are receiving the new energies, you are accepting the new energies, they are just as much an outside source as everything else.

But when it comes to help from another person, many are hesitant.

To many it feels like giving away their own power.

This is where you will have to understand that your power is not reliant upon receiving help from others. Your power is always there and it might show a great amount of power if you are accepting the help from others.

Power is something that is misunderstood in many ways as it means something very different than what we see as power within the spiritual world.

Power is the ability to be yourself at all times, to be fully who you are. This is the real power.

Within spirit we do not see accepting help as a loss of power. We see it as an expression of power. If there is something to learn we are there, do we lose our power by accepting the experience? We are all part of the One, no matter what.

Many feel powerful as they are able to help others, they feel a loss of power when they have to accept help from others.

They feel great when they can help others, but when they accept help they feel less worthy.

Another great misunderstanding of humans.

You accept the help of many spiritual masters, but many do not accept the help of physical masters.

If you really are serious about merging the physical world with the spiritual world you have to realize that it does not matter as within spirit you are all One.

I will not again go into the discussion if this help is going to cost money or not.

That is your reality to work out and I think we have made it perfectly clear already that there is no difference.

The difference is within your mind and belief system.

Through Petra Margolis
November 4, 2011

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