9 Kasım 2011 Çarşamba


I received an email this morning from the children of the sun and
what they are planning for 11-11-11

Blessings dear Children of the Sun! In the building momentum
to the 11:11:11, our primary role is to prepare and build the
Grid field into its highest amplifying potential for the 11-11-11 firing.
Our planetary service activity is EVERY DAY.
The portal energies are arriving now and the big window of
dimensional passage is November 8-14.
Daily Focus... November 6-10
The Final and 7th Rite of Passage: The Rite of Group
Consciousness actualizing the I AM Group Avatar Body.
With daily planetary service transmitting from the Americas

Full Moon, November 10... Fire the Grid!
Planetary Grid Transmissions
With planetary Service transmitting from the Americas
As Divine Orchestration would have it, we have a full moon on
November 10, one day prior to 11-11-11.
We will FIRE THE GRID in one more big wave.

Our unified focus is placed upon Humanity's fall from
Grace. We are focusing upon the complete transmutation
of its etheric record by eradicating this timeline
all together and from Earth's blueprint and
her beloved children... FOREVER.

The global momentum of this cleansing is centered in the Americas
as we pour the cosmic fire through the Grid to illumine the hearts
and minds of our family in North America, Central America and
South America.


As the masters have been talking about timelines I thought it best
to ask them what this is all about as they are talking about
eradicating our timeline.


It has come to our attention that many are not in sync with what is
needed at this time. It seems some have come to the conclusion that
if there is something they don't like about their own experiences,
the best way is to eradicate it from everyone else as well.

Who gives them the right to do this for each and every person on

Who has given all of you that think you should give your energy to
something like this, the right to control each and every being upon
earth in this way.

Not to mention, who are you to decide that anything needs to be
eradicated from the blueprint of mother earth.

This is what we talk about so many times, many are misguided and
this is not something that I would call working for the light, yes you
heard me correctly. With so much control already on a physical
level, this group is now taking it a step further and is starting more
control on the spiritual level.

Each and every experience you have had in previous incarnations
has brought you to this moment in time. Take away part of this
experience and you take away part of yourself. If you want to do
so that would be completely your choice. But to force this upon
each and every being that is related to this part of the time line,
each person that has the experience and would like to keep that
part of themselves, you have decided that they do not have the
right to make that choice.

This is what we talk about when we say, each and every person has
to reach a point where they can see clearly, as many that are going
to be part of this mission do not have clear vision and are only
following the vision of a few. It all sounds great, doesn't it?

Let's "eradicate" part of each and every human being, not to mention let's "eradicate" it from the earth as well.

The fall from Grace, does anyone really know what happened?

Does anyone really have a clear understanding about the fall of grace?

The information about this is not very clear and is contradicting at

Was there really a fall from Grace?

What part of the timeline is it in, when did it happen?

You are firing up a grid, all of you putting your energy within it and
this is what they intent to use your energy for.

Let's ERADICATE part of every human being, and if that is not
enough, let's ERADICATE part of the earth as well.

And let's not forget to mention, their intent is to ERADICATE the
timeline you are on right now.

What would be the effect of that?

Everything that you have worked on up until this point will be
eradicated as well.

Everything within human history, from the fall of grace up until this
moment would be eradicated.

Now we are not going to let this happen, but this is a good example
of misguided humans and how a clear vision is needed at any and
all times.

As some think they have a clear vision but their ego prevents them
from doing the reality check and see if this is what is needed for
the earth and all human beings upon her.

This is why we are so adamant in bringing out more background information as to your history, timelines and so forth.

Many have not done the proper investigational work and are relying
upon others, as well as some are being misguided by their
connection to the earth grid and do not realize they have been
misguided as the earth grid is not being used for the advancement
of the human race at this time.

I know Isis just brought her message about the reality check;

well this is a good time to use it.


Through Petra Margolis
November 8, 2011

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