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Isis, The message for today is discernment.

Isis, The message for today is discernment.

Now when we talk about discernment it is always thought you have to discern the messages.

I would like to add that discernment is also needed when you read any reaction to the messages.

There are many out there trying to channel other beings, but more importantly many are not trying to channel their own being.

Channeling is seen as something that mostly is about receiving messages that can inform you about your own situation or it can be more expanded and include something that can be used for a larger group.

Channeling is also part of getting to know your own being.

Many see this as a knowing within the heart, this is at times a miscomputation as the heart is only part of where the knowing comes through.

The heart itself feels, it does not translate, the mind does, this is what makes is difficult to actually explain in words what the heart experiences.

There is a connection needed between the brain, the mind, and the heart.

This connection needs to be clear for the human part of you to understand the spiritual part.

As the human part of you knows there is a knowing with the heart, it will at times need to express this to the human in a way the human can understand.

This is where the release can take place of staying connected to the physical reality.

No matter what you feel, there is still this part of you that is human that has come to a conclusion everything is possible, but when you look a bit deeper within the human there is still a part that thinks the exact opposite.
This is why a clear connection between brain, mind and heart is needed.

The human part needs explanations, the heart doesn't.
But it is the human part that keeps you connected into the physical reality.

When you start channeling your own being, realize that your higher self is only a small part, you can channel your heart, you can channel higher parts of your being, there are many parts within your being on a human level that can be channeled already, like the emotional body, the chakras and so much more.

Someone described reaching their source being as peeling off layer after layer.

We see it as integrating each layer within the human.
This is where the integration begins.

Many think that the process of ascension is only one thing, we see many having experiences of ascending, and ascending is happening at all times.

Ascending within the frequencies.

Ascension is just a word and you can release all attachments to that word.

However as the human mind needs words to understand, we have to use a word that is understood by many and ascension describes the uprising within the frequencies.
As far as fully ascending out of the physical reality, we have used the name Cosmic Ascension.

This explains the ascending out of the physical body, returning to your cosmic state.

At this moment it is only words to describe a process that many desire within their heart but cannot explain within their mind.

For many it feels like a return to source or god.
It is a return to your own source or godself.

When you reach the state of your source being or god self, you are in fact talking to yourself.

Many are looking toward becoming one with the creator, god, or source.

In spirit there is already this oneness, you are everything, you are the creator, god, or source, these are all different names for you, for what you are within spirit.

Many when they reach these parts feel the oneness, but within their mind they still explain it in a different way, they feel they have become one with the creator, god or source. And they remain seeing this as a separate being even though they also realize they are this being.

Words cannot describe this to the human and the feelings are overwhelming at times as you have finally reached that which your heart wanted all this time.

The human has no understanding of these feelings and will try to explain it, but also you are experiencing it from a human point of view as well.

This is why we talk about integrating the layers into the human physical reality.

This is where you move through every part of your being in spirit and integrate these energies into the human. The best way to do this is to let it move through the brain, through the mind and into the heart.

Now the heart is made out of different aspects as well as some have noticed the presence of the high heart and other places. It is needed to make these all one as the heart spaces each contain certain codings that allow for an easier translation within the human mind as well.

It is a combination process as it is possible to merge the energies of the mind, the brain and the heart and make it one big space. This space will become bigger as you integrate more parts of you being that will connect into this space.

By keeping the heart space within the physical body you integrate each part within the physical body allowing the physical body to become one with the spiritual bodies, and allowing the spiritual bodies to become one with the physical bodies.

We need more words at times to explain something that is already known within your being in spirit. But that is ok as long as you understand that words cannot always fully express what the knowing is.

Once you integrate more fully the brain, mind and heart within your being, you will see that the understanding of the human changes, it will become easier for the human to express the knowledge if needed.

There is always something to learn, and many still seem to think that the higher self as they have called it is the one that knows everything.

This is a very limiting thought or belief system, as there are many other parts within your being that contain knowledge.

This is why we are asking you to be discerning not just about the channeled message but also the reactions to the messages.

Each and every one of you has beliefs, attachments. No matter how good it sounds, there is always a belief or attachment.

Knowledge is not gained over years, knowledge is gained by knowing your own being. Many can study for years and not get one step further, others open up and reach a state of awareness within moments.

The difference is that some do not reach really within and have limited themselves in ways that do not allow them to find each and every aspect of their being within.

The release of attachments is something that requires you to be very honest to yourself. It requires you to be open to every possibility.

And do not fool yourself, as many think that studying and being into this for many years gives them an advantage of knowing more than others.

Like is said, be careful for any attachment and belief.
Be discerning of every being giving you their message, human or not human.

This is a time of great change and even if we talked about it so many times we will talk about it again.

Discernment about your own belief systems and attachments, but also discernment when it comes to belief systems and attachments of others.
As no one is exempt from this.

Each person that thinks they have full complete knowledge is having attachments, each person that thinks the opposite and thinks they do not have full complete knowledge has attachments.

Even within your own self be discerning as there is a feeling of truth, there still can be attachments and belief systems that are interfering with that feeling of truth.

This is not easy, we know, this is why it is so important to have the full connection within, to reach every aspect of your being. Like puzzle pieces they will fit together and each time you find one of those pieces you will find a different way of knowing and understanding.

Never forget however that each of you will find their own truth. This means no one else can find it for you, as each person has their own path, each person has their own truth and experiences that lead to that truth.

Oneness is within everything, within that oneness is your own personal experience of the oneness.

Through Petra Margolis
November 13, 2011

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