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The Past, The Present and the Future are becoming one reality. Isis

The Past, The Present and the Future are becoming one reality.

As the dimensions are collapsing in a way that you are not all able to see at this moment, time is collapsing within your reality as well.

The Past is where you created the future you are in at the present, and in the present you are creating a Future that was in the Past.

You are remembering, rebuilding your structure back to the past, as well as the present and future as the place you came from does not exist within you reality of time on earth.

You are becoming aware of more than just what has been in front of you all this time as you are becoming aware of the reality that has been within you all this time.

Upon earth, you created the past, at this moment you are in the present, and you are looking to the future to create what you experienced in your past.

The past brings a feeling of oneness within everything as this is how you came to earth the moment you incarnated for the very first time upon earth.

You have been looking into the future for this moment, but this moment is already within you past.

The longing can only be longing as it can only be a longing for something you have already experienced.
To find what you are longing for all you need to do is look deeper within.

Remember the past and how you created the future will return you to the deep feeling of oneness within all that is.

As time is collapsing around you because of the ascension of your universe into a new reality, the point of finding what you are longing for is coming closer to your present time.

The reality of oneness that was here so long ago is coming into the present and you can carry it into the future.

This moment of oneness, was once in your past, present and future as time does not exist where you came from.
As the earth is circling around the sun, your universe is circling around the cosmic timeline of no time.

The moment for collapsing the time is coming into you present time.

From there you can move the new reality into the future as the universe circles back around the cosmic timeline of no time.

The past, present and future are all within you already, hidden deep inside the most highest, or most deepest part of your being.

As you are all focusing on the future to find that one thing you are longing for, that experience of oneness, you could have already found it within your own being at this present moment.

The peace that comes with that is more than anyone could ever imagine unless they have remembered that one moment, that one moment where the oneness was a reality for your entire being.

It is more than all that you can experience as a human, as it is all of that amplified within one experience of knowing that you have returned to that one place within you that brings you into the oneness of an everlasting beingness within your own self.

You are here to find yourselves, to find the past, present and future within one being. Your own being.

The world around you is of great importance as it carries you as a being into the reality of bringing together the past, present and future. As you earth circles the sun and your universe circles the cosmic time line of no time.

As the collapsing of the dimensions is needed to bring your earth reality out of its cocoon of a created reality with time, all you need is to find the place of the past, present and future within you.

The place of oneness within you is where all of it disappears, everything that is within your human reality melts away into the oneness of it all.

The oneness cannot be described in human words as it is something that has to be remembered within.

All the human words and feelings you have created will melt into a oneness of being that is beyond words.

There will be no words once you reach that oneness within.

Everything that you see as reality at this moment, either past, present or future will become non-exist within the oneness within one blink of an eye.

Oneness is neither light or dark, love or hate, it is just that one moment of feeling, experiencing and knowing that you have remembered that deepest part within you that connects all that is together in one moment of all that is.

Oneness is what was before you moved into the many creations you have experienced, as well as within all the creations you have experienced. It was there at the moment of your birth as well as it is in the moment of the now.

If this is what you are longing for, all you have to do is find yourself within the past, find yourself within the present and the future you long for becomes reality within the now moment.

Allow yourself to see beyond any limitation within yourself, allow yourself to experience all that is within you.

There are many realities within this world as a human, there is only one reality within you.

Your choice, your freedom lies within you.

Through Petra Margolis
November 28, 2011

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