9 Kasım 2011 Çarşamba

Grounding ..About Tranference-Pleiadian High Council Message and 11/11

Just a reminder: Some information to consider. While reading yesterday's article by Lauren Gorgo, the Pleidian High Council strongly, and I read strongly, suggested that we all make sure to ground Friday 11-11-11. With the full moon's energy on Thursday combined with the energy coming in on Friday, they indicated that the energies might be a bit strong for us humans to take into our body.....so again they suggested to "ground this energy through us and into the center of the Earth" or we may all might go into a gitty state and find it so enjoyable that we won't want to come out.

Her suggestion was on Friday to focus on the energy just below your feet and as you walk on the Earth (yes, please get out into nature and walk on the Earth), to image the energy coming through your crown, through your body and coming out the bottom of your feet into the core of the Earth. Another grounding I do is to image where my "tail" is, imagine cutting off the old tail and attaching a new one there that goes down into the center of the Earth and attaches. For females, a soft yet strong tail of a cat, a large tree trunk with soft moss around it; for the male, a chain link or a strong tree trunk.

Happy 11-11-11 and may we all "suffer some gitty and joy-filled" feelings in the next few days!! Namaste, Francine/Nuchantz

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