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Thanksgiving, a time to remember the Oneness. Isis and Kuthumi,

Thanksgiving, a time to remember the Oneness.

Isis and Kuthumi,

We are here to share our message today as so many are at this moment reaching out to be with their family.

Thanksgiving is something that is shared only within part of your world, there are many parts in your world that do not share this day.

This message is for all that share your world as you are more and more becoming what you are in truth.

There is so much that is happening that for many this time is a turmoil of energies and happenings that seem to bring in truth, but also a need for understanding the truth.

As all of you know the truth can be found within you, many see this in a very personal way. But the truth is that you are all one, so the truth is within all of you. You all carry pieces of the truth within you, and you are all at a different points within yourself that allows you to find this truth together.

This is why we are here to share, as we all carry pieces of the puzzle that puts together the entire story of mankind and your path in this reality as well as outside of this reality.

Within this reality, you are human, when you move outside of this reality, you become a universal being. Move even further and you become a cosmic being.

The last step is to become a Source Being.

This is where the truth completes itself.

This is your thanksgiving, the time to share, the time to be with family.

You are all family, and just like within the human world, you do not have to like everyone in your family, you can disagree with members of your family.

As each one of you is at a certain point within their awakening, you all have different perspectives and this will always be until you reach the Source of it all.

Acknowledge this and allow yourself to be open to receive more of the pieces of the puzzle, yes just like with your family member, you might not like them, but be open to it all and from there find the pieces that fit and don't fit, do not discard something that might not fit at this moment, as this puzzle is so great that it will take time to put together.

You might be able to do part of it in this lifetime, depending upon your path, you might just finish the outline, or you might find a corner or a piece in the middle.

As you do not have a picture of this puzzle, it is going to be even harder to find the right place for every piece.

But they are all there, within all of you.

This is why we say do not discard what is said by others.

This puzzle has many layers, as it is not two dimensional, but has many dimensions within it.

Some of you only work on the beginning layer, others work on many different other layers as well.

This is all about sharing your pieces of the puzzle as we share with you.

Oneness is just that.

Isis and Kuthumi
Through Petra Margolis
November 23, 2011

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