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VERONICA The Seed To Understanding and Completion

A New Message From VERONICA

The Seed To Understanding and Completion

"Let It Go"

"As one moves through a physical life, encounters with others are inevitable. Often the meetings result in an energy exchange that is not best.

Interaction is a way of experiencing and growing with energy. If it feels difficult and you feel you have been wronged, it is important to look at it neutrally. Keeping any sort of negativity in your energy only beckons more.

In a difficult exchange be the one to reduce the impact of the negativity by forgiving. Being right is a lonely perspective when the other party is unaware of the depth of the energy.

All of you are here to assist others to grow and become joyous.

Hanging onto negativity does not serve that high ambition.

Be compassionate. Be forgiving even if the other party is reluctant. Attach yourself to the joy of being and the idea that any dramatic exchange can and will lead to evolution.

Let go of the need to even the argument. Instead, perceive the exchange as an opportunity for all to grow and prosper.

Those who would wish to continue the negativity will ultimately be disappointed when you do not continue the negative line of exchange.

Let it go.

See the value of resolution and walk deliberately towards it. The decision can be the seed to understanding and completion.

It may be a lonely path at first, however, your commitment to it will trickle into their realities, eventually.

Release the need to be right. Be yourself. Release the energy. The situation will improve by doing so."


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