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A Message From VERONICA Your Spirit Guides

A Message From VERONICA

Your Spirit Guides

"We are often asked the labels or names of particular spirit guides. It seems that most feel a present connection but are unable to identify the source. The attachment to labels leads the individual to a different perspective that does not lead to the ultimate connection with that which they seek.

Remember that your guides are often focused primarily in the nonlinear. Some of them have physical lives but more often than not they have only partaken of existence in a nonlinear form. This perspective is often unavailable to the current physical perspective and is often abandoned due to unavailability of a simple definition.

We suggest that instead of attempting to define the relationship in linear terms, one should attempt to deliver the vibrational connection to the self.

The message is not always a word based direction but rather an impulse of feeling that translates non-verbally to heighten your evolvement.

3 Steps to Your Guides

1. Use your senses to blend with the energy.

2. Attempt to detach emotionally from your ego so that the message has more clarity.

3. Trust yourself that your capabilities will provide what you need to hear in the moment.

As always we are available to translate messages but the task is one that all can embrace.

Your guides speak continuously in hope of connection with you.

There is no blockage from their perspective."


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