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ISIS Each Channel has a responsibility. (talks about cosmic spine and ascension)

Each Channel has a responsibility.

Each Channel carries a responsibility to check within about every message they receive and channel and bring out.

It is up to each channel to see if the message is bringing hope that cannot be fulfilled as they know that the earth is within a process of change and change cannot be done as fast as many of you would like to see.

Change upon earth is a slow process of awakening and many are not going to awaken at this time as it is not their path yet to awaken.

This brings in the conclusion that change cannot be done in a way you see it as many are not going to change within.

Each and every change happening on earth is because each and every one of you is changing within.

Even if every person on earth would awaken right now, the change would take many years to complete. As the physical change you are hoping for requires more than just wanting the change, it requires bringing the change to fruition.

As you are all spread out, this requires a lot of planning and then a lot of time to carry out the plans to make the change happen.

Even if every person on earth awakens, they will all be at different levels and all have different views on the change they would like to see happen.

This journey of ascension is a very personal journey and you will have to see it as a personal journey.

You will have to go within and move out of the reality that you have created on earth into a reality created from within spirit.

As many beings are willing to assist you will have to understand that many of them have no experience with this type of ascension.

With that I mean, in fact no one has experience with this type of ascension where there will be life present upon a planet that is going to ascend.

This is why we would like you to focus on the inner journey at this time.

This allows for changes to happen within the consciousness upon earth, and allows for the evolvement of all as they move into the 5th dimensional frequency after the ascension of the earth.

This doesn't mean you cannot make any changes in the world around you, just realize that the changes will take a lot longer than many of you would like to see.

Once everyone has moved into the 5th dimension, changes will happen faster, but no one at this moment can say how much faster.

Everything that you work on now, will benefit you the moment the earth ascends.

This because time is speeding up and the energies around the earth are already above the 5th dimensional frequency, allowing you to take advantage of a faster growth within.

After the ascension of the earth, the energies will settle within a 5th dimensional frequency and there will be once again more time needed to reach the higher frequencies.
At this moment, as the earth is preparing for her ascension, she is radiating those higher frequencies as well as the higher frequencies are coming in faster because you have moved as close to the cosmic spine as possible.

Once the earth ascends you will move away from the cosmic spine and the higher frequencies that can be reached very easy at this moment will be further away again.

This process of ascension of the earth is what is supporting your own ascension, either on a planetary level, or a cosmic level.

For many it will be planetary level. For some it will be the Cosmic Level.

A small group, the Cosmic Ascension Team for mother earth will be working on the ascension of the earth.
This means they are preparing themselves, not just for their own ascension, but they are preparing themselves to assist the earth in her ascension when the time comes.

The year to come will be the year where the ascension should take place, as we cannot predict fully when the earth will move through the cosmic spine to ascend.
There is however much work to be done and this work will be done by those that have completely let go of all that you are thinking about and are only focused on getting ready within to assist the earth and all life upon her.

So many of you have been looking for your purpose on earth, and this is the time to find it deeper and deeper within.

For most it will be focusing on their own ascension process and in this way they will be assisting in anchoring higher frequencies into the consciousness around earth.

For others, they might be called to do some work to assist with the earth.

This all depends upon the work you do within as your purpose has many layers and as you are able to move deeper within you will find more of your purpose.

There is also the choice that can be made at this time.

Even though you might have come in with just the intent to complete planetary ascension and move into the 5th dimension after the earth ascends, you can always change your choices and make a different one in each moment.

Through Petra Margolis
December 5, 2011

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