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The difference in understanding from a human point of view and a source/spiritual point of view.

The difference in understanding from a human point of view and a source/spiritual point of view.

As there is so much that is changing right now within the energies upon earth and you can see the imbalance within the energy as the changes are happening.

It is very important to understand what we talk about when we talk about awakening. Understand the difference between looking at the world from a human point of view and a source or spiritual point of view.
Many are not aware of this and many do not need to be aware of this as their path is different than what some of you have chosen.

Some will shift between a human point of view and a spiritual point of view, others will stay within the human point of view and some will move completely into a spiritual point of view.

Even though the spiritual point of view has to be translated within the human point of view, there is a great difference in understanding of what is happening.

Awakening means being aware of your being within spirit, awakening happens on different levels as some are moving through their own levels within. Awakening and being aware is already happening on the level of the higher self and some will stay at that level. Others will move further upward and again there are different stages or levels where their awareness will remain.

Some are working and have chosen the path of awakening and awareness up until the level of their own source being.

This does not mean they act from the level of their source being, they are only aware of their source being and able to communicate with their source being.

The communication with their own source being is also dependent upon the clearings and activations they have done along the way. As it is not only about reaching the Source within, but also becoming aware of all that you are.

There are different levels of communication with the source being as there is a need to bring down the information of the source within to the human level and to understand the information that can be received from the source within.

Some are completely happy with just feeling their own source being and will not look any deeper into their source being than just the experience of the source energy flowing through them. Others will begin to explore the information available within their source being and awaken further.

You all know that you are living in a created reality to allow you to experience and learn in many different ways. This does not mean it is a full illusion as the experiences are real for every part of your being.

The illusion is connected to the fact that duality is within this reality and duality is something that was created to have the experiences needed to learn what you chose to learn.

Are there more created realities out there?

Yes there are, of course as the process of learning and experiencing is something that never stops and can happen through either creating a reality or just moving through the energies that are within source.

Everything is creation, creation is the way you learn, experience and expand.

As a human you might see it as an illusion, within spirit it is definitely not.

No matter how many worlds are created, the experiences remain and are real.

The human reality was created, much of what you believe within the human reality is an illusion. Such as death is in fact an illusion as the death only occurs on a physical level but your being in spirit remains, it is there with the human experience, it is there going through the death of the human body, and it is there after the death of the human body.

The difference comes when you start to see more from a spiritual point of view than a human point of view. You will see that much of what you believed to be the truth as a human is in fact an illusion created to allow the human part of you to experience and learn.

This doesn't mean everything within the human reality is an illusion; it is more that many of the beliefs about the human reality can be seen as an illusion from a human point of view. Within spirit everything is experienced making it real no matter what the creation or so called illusion is.

This is why awakening plays an important part as it takes you beyond the illusions of the human point of view into the reality of the spiritual point of view.

Yes, you are multidimensional beings and you can create any reality you wish to create within spirit. Creating a reality on a human level is however different as there are many other beings involved in the human reality.

You have chosen this reality of the human experience and you have chosen to move out of this reality through full awakening of what you are in spirit.

This does not mean you have to become aware of every universe that is out there.

It means that you have to fully realize who you really are, fully awaken to what is keeping you here and fully awaken to what can take you out of this human reality experience.

Is that all an illusion? Anything that is being experienced is real for the spiritual part of the human.

Could you create a different reality at this moment?
The earth reality began with just the experience of having a human body and slowly the reality changed whether through forces you could not control, and/or choices you made along the way.

It does not matter as you are now awakening again to a different reality. The reality of being a spiritual being, not a human being.

This is slowly seeping into the human awareness and like we said, for some this will become the full awakening taking them out of this human reality, for others it will be a partial awakening taking them to another level within the human reality and from there they will spend more time on awakening further until they also reach the full awakening needed to move out of the human reality.

It is all about your choice, your free will, nothing says that these people have an advantage over others, the small groups that are going for full awakening have dedicated themselves to this and have made the commitment to their own being to complete this.

It doesn't mean this small group is more advanced, it means they have worked hard to become fully awakened and if you could talk to them you would see that they do not see themselves as more advanced. They only see that they want to become their full source expression upon earth.

Each and every one of you can reach this.

Let me end this message with saying that the difference between a human point of view and a source point of view is that from a human point of view you want to change the reality in the human world, from a source point of view you understand the reality of the human world and see that the changes have to be made within you.


Through Petra Margolis
December 4, 2011

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