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Shala's Whale & Dolphin Cosmic Pulse Preparing for the 12:12

Shala's Whale & Dolphin Cosmic Pulse
December 4,2011

Preparing for the 12:12

Image courtesy & copyright Jean Luc Bozzoli http://www.jeanlucbozzoli.com

Dearest Light Family,
Please join me and our beloved whales and dolphins as we prepare for the
12:12 crystalline transmission along
with our monthly energy review and meditation.
We will meet Sunday December 4th, 2011 at 11:00 am PST.
Conference line # 712-432-3900 Access code # 9735255
The Meditation will be recorded and an MP3 file emailed later that day.
If you wish to confirm your local time go to www.timeanddate.com

New Sacred Heart

The gateway opening of the 12:12 is intimately united within the frequency spectrum of the 11:11:11. This twin aspect creates a further synergy within the coded trigger that elevates our energy into another octave or frequency of our unique matrix or cosmic blueprint. The Whales and Dolphins are anxious to help us prepare for this crystalline transmission that centers in the heart.

The intelligence of the sacred heart is truth and neutrality, from which all pure states of quantum potential exist. We see through the lens of our perception what we expect to see, and the hologram of our current reality is charged by that expectation and interaction. When we drop into our sacred heart space, within the alignment of the whale/dolphin matrix we can alter our reality in a heartbeat.

The 12:12 crystalline transmission is another key that unlocks an even deeper access to the codes or merging of our divine sacred masculine and feminine energy. All keys are an alchemical flame for transformation and purging any and ALL old programming held deep within our cellular memory.

We are being nudged at every level to take advantage of these crystalline transmissions to expunge fear, lack, limited beliefs, physical & emotional pain, drama, trauma, ego and consciously choose to recognize our divine light and sacred heart. Integrating the shfiting frequencies and vibratory elements of this "now" timing is one of the many gifts and loving support from our beloved Whales and Dolphins. They are anxious to help us integrate their energy transmissions as we merge with them within the "whale matrix". The integration allows for an even deeper recieving through our sacred heart, the ulitmate chalice of truth and wisdom.

In keeping with the new format of Shala's Whale and Dolphin Cosmic Pulse, I will give a verbal review of the current energy for December, prior to the meditation.
In Loving Service & Gratitude
http://lightworker.com/Spectrum//authors/7/Shala-MataShala's Whale & Dolphin Cosmic Pulse

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