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Isis, Guidance and Misguidance.

Isis, Guidance and Misguidance.

It saddens me to see so many of you not realizing that we are here to guide, but only guide. Any being saying otherwise is misleading you into another attachment or belief that is not helpful.

You all have your own path and we realize that, we know this, as we all have gone through much of what the earth can bring as far as experience and knowledge.
We also know that many are awakening and are releasing all attachment to this earthly illusion and are seeing the truth behind the darkness and the light.

To free yourself from the cycle of incarnation upon earth is to free yourself from all attachment to the earthly physical reality. It is not about going into a different form of physical reality. it is about completely letting go of any physical reality.

Yes there are many not ready for this step of freedom into their own cosmic heart of existence, as many of you see yourself and have attachment to seeing yourself as helpless, or powerful it does not matter.

You are neither and you are both.

If one thing has been taught over all these years, it is to find the truth, or actually to find yourself within you.
How many have found yourself within you, and how many are still trying to find yourself outside of you?
Guidance is only guidance, it is not going to find you within you, it is you who is going to find you within you.
The earth is ascending, this doesn't mean you are ascending.

You only ascend through your own being, just like the earth is ascending through her being.

Many have seen the earth as their mother, she is not, the earth has supported you in so many lifetimes just like many of your guides have supported you from above. And she is now ready to move forward as she has waited for a long time for you to be ready to be without her support. The earth is not you mother, just like the creator/source is not your father. You hold the mother and father within you.

The earth is like you, she is one being, ready to ascend, and ready to leave the physical reality behind and move into a new and deeper understanding of her own being.
You are like the children of the earth, and you have come to an age where your mother needs your support, instead of your mother supporting you.

This is just a symbolic way of speaking as the earth is not really your mother, she has taken on the role of mother for many of you as you were seeking for support and were not able to find the support within yourself.
She has guided you, she has fed you, and she has given you a place to live.

It is now time for her to move and together with the earth we have been working on creating a new place for you all to live as many of you are not ready to leave all attachments to this reality.

The earth has offered once more to create a place upon her, and this place will be a 5th dimensional reality of the physical earth.

As the earth herself will move beyond physicality, this place will be created around her with the illusion of a physical reality for all of you.

Although we are happy to say there will be some that are ready to move beyond this physical reality and they will be available to teach all of you in the new 5th dimensional reality.

Realization of releasing all attachments is realization that the illusion exists within you.

We have given much information as to how and what is needed to release all attachment to the illusion within you.
We are however not almighty and cannot bring this information to all of you, as many of you are not yet aware of us in a way that we can bring this to you personally. We can channel through some and in this way reach a small part of you.

We have guided to go within, within your own being answers can be found, and within your own being is where the ascension back to your own source begins. Once you reach the parts within your own being, we can give guidance to your being as you will be able to understand the guidance.

This process of ascending out of the physical reality has been known throughout all times, and many of you have studied and worked on this process of releasing all attachments to the physical within you.

As the ascension of the earth in her own way is supporting the ascension of you going within and finding deeper parts within you easier than ever before is available. We have been here to guide and give you information and we call it nudges, to find everything within you.

Never before has anyone accomplished this process of releasing all attachment within one lifetime. But as the support of the earth is here, it can be done.

We are guiding some that are almost there. As they have awakened to this reality within of freedom and knowing that they can release all attachments to step out of the illusions of the physical reality within.

Everything is possible, anything can happen, to say no to any possibility is to say no within yourself to ever find all the freedom and knowledge within that can take you beyond this world of the physical illusion within.

There is no need to worry about the earth, she is ready and when the portal opens she will move beyond the physical reality and move into her own being of Source, as from there she will move further, learn more, experience more and keep on ascending.

Once she moves out of the physical reality, the clearing will be done of all that is still there as far as pollution in the surface of the earth. This will be done while she is going through the portal and she will come out on the other side completely clear of all that is affecting her still at this moment.

There will be more portals as you all will move through one to move into the new 5th dimensional physical reality that is being created around mother earth.

Others will move with the earth and release all attachments to the physical reality and find themselves within the freedom and knowledge of many other dimensions beyond the physical realities.

Yes the new 5th dimensional reality will be similar to this 3rd dimensional reality and much of what is here will be there, most will not notice a difference as the only difference is the change within frequencies, or energy upon earth.

Energy will flow more fluidly and it will become easier to manifest for those that have become aware of this.
Others will find themselves awakening more, as there will be more teachers available to give you guidance from the earth level instead of the level we are at.

You have come here to experience and to learn, some are ready to leave this experience behind and ready to move on. This because they have worked on finding themselves within in previous times, and in this time.

Ascension is not given to you, ascension is something you give to yourself.

Through Petra Margolis
December 27, 2011

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