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Isis, a clear view on Ascension

Isis, a clear view on Ascension

Ascension is ascending within the energies within your own being.

Ascension upon earth is ascending within your own being and bringing all of what you are in spirit down into the physical reality.

As above, so below.

That's it, nothing more to add to that.

How do you do this is the question most asked, does it happen by itself, do I have to do something?

There are many different paths to ascension, each of you has their own with some similarities.

The path is within you, within your blueprint, within your DNA (all of it, as DNA is not just 2 or 12 or even 24 strands it runs through the entire physical and spiritual all the way up to your Source Spark). The DNA is the tree of life within you.

The codings are all within you, ready to be activated as you find them along the path of going within.

You can see it this way, you know the little Russian dolls, one within the other within the other until you have opened them all and you have reached the smallest doll.

You are that one doll that is within all the others. You have to find all pieces of the dolls that fit around you one by one until you have reached the largest doll, which is really you.

When you came down in the lowest density of earth, the pressure was so great you had to take of doll by doll until you became small enough to withstand the density. Like peeling the layer of an onion, but even within the center of the onion there is still the Source Spark.

The way back is found within, the same way, again you will start peeling of the layers of the onion, only now you are shedding the physical layers.

You build up the dolls around you until you have reached the last one, but this time even the largest doll is able to withstand the density of the physical realm on earth.

You can go all the way upwards to your Source Spark and start bringing it down from there, or you can bring it down piece by piece to the physical body.

Bringing down piece by piece would be the preferred method as this is what sheds the layers of the physical one by one.

Going all the way up to your Source Spark, might give you more awareness, but as this is not brought down to the physical, the human will not understand most of it.

Many of you are traveling into different realms of reality and will see these realms as truth as you have not yet reached the Source Spark within that sheds all reality within all realms to the reality of Source.

Each and every dimension/realm has realities within them, and you can chose to stay within them or you can move further within and find the one that is what you would call the Divine Reality of All realities.

Many of you have worked with this for many lifetimes and you have the memories within you of those lifetimes, these memories are coming forward as you move further within.

You have prepared yourself for this time and you are ready to go all the way.

The world is not changing, it is you who is changing the world by how you see it from every different new perspective within you.

This is why it is important to do this consciously, rebuilding consciously, going within consciously, knowing consciously, as the knowing will get you deeper within. This is also important as the building and remembering is needed for the human mind to understand consciously as it is the part of you that explains to your human consciously. What you feel within the heart is still explained through the human mind.

When you say I am love and light, it is the translating of the human mind that tells you this.

You cannot ignore the translation of the human mind, the understanding of the human mind. As the human mind is what makes you human.

Many of you are ready, all you need is to go within, and find the way.

What we see in some though is they don't walk the talk.

Ascension never stops for one moment once you follow the path within, it is the human that stops the process as the human is not always fully committed to the ascension within.

Yes we know, the human mind tells you, you are committed, the ego actually tells you, look how far I have come already, or it tell you this is impossible.

The outside world tells you, there is only one thing that is needed to ascend.

Others tell you it is more.

Most choose the easy way out, and choose the one that says there is only one thing you need to ascend.
How is that working for you?

How far have you come?

Are you able to see all from all perspectives or have you settled for one, or a couple of the perspectives.

How do you know if you are able to see from all perspectives?

Are you able to see, and not just see but communicate with all that is, through all dimensions, realities?

This is how you change the reality around you, by changing your own reality experience and perspective.

The only thing that is asked of you is to be committed to your own being, not just on a couple of levels, but on all levels.

How you do this, is up to you.

How to find it, is up to you.

You can ask for help from within you, outside of you, it does not matter.

There are many paths leading you within, some are fast, some are slower, does it matter?

It only matters upon you.

Do you have the commitment, the passion, the love and the courage it takes to take your being all the way home?

Through Petra Margolis
December 21, 2011

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