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Uriel's Message -- Create Heart Wholeness

Uriel's Message -- Create Heart Wholeness

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Creating the partnership between ego and Spirit, an aspect of your healing journey for each lifetime, is one of many life purposes. Another is to create wholeness in your heart, so that your heart energy includes the combined aspects of the high and low heart energies. The high heart is the spirit-filled, unconditional love energy of your divine heritage. The low heart reflects the karmic journey, soul wounds and other energies gathered over lifetimes of experience in the emotional energy of the third dimension. Heart wholeness occurs when these two energies are blended, allowing the low heart to be healed and reflect the unconditional love the high heart holds for it.

The whole heart is peaceful and joyful. It needs nothing yet all of its needs are always met. It may experience sorrow yet is in joy in every circumstance because it knows faith and trust. It is always in a state of love and does not require another to be an example of love. It is powerful and compassionate, energetically balanced and seeks the highest vibration in all things. It is part of each of you, your reminder of the unconditional love you have come from and are returning to. The whole heart is your pathway to the peace, joy and love that is the healing you seek throughout your lifetime in all things. To find it, you must learn to seek within and to connect to the divinity within.

The love you seek from others and in the world is the lonely, needy voice of the low heart which believes itself to be disconnected, alone, in pain and unworthy. It believes it must create love and often finds the most unloving circumstances to do so. The low heart's definition of love is transformed through healing, forgiveness and acceptance of the presence of the high heart, which also means acknowledging that all love comes from within. Unconditional love is your birthright but creating its presence on the earth and in the third dimension is part of your life purpose. This moment of connection is the low heart's ascension, as it is joined to its partner in love, the high heart.

Just as spirit requires the body to be present in the third dimension, the high heart needs the low heart to express divine love. And the low heart needs the high heart to know joy, fulfillment and love. The love each of you seeks from others or from the world is your low heart's search for the high heart connection. This connection is important because you did not come here to receive love from the world, you came here to create love in the world. The world does not give love; it can only reflect love. The high heart connection is created through forgiveness, acceptance and self healing. Once you remember yourself as a source of divine love for you and for the world, the connection is made, you step into heaven on earth and a limitless supply of love.

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